MikDoss rental agreement translation services in Dubai

MikDoss rental agreement translation services in Dubai
A rental agreement is a legally binding document which gives the tenant the right to
live in the rental property and the landlord the right to receive rent. It’s therefore
important that the tenancy or rental agreements landlords are issuing up to date and
legally compliant. Thus, there is need of its translation in different languages for
various purposes and reasons.
MikDoss rental agreement translations
MikDoss offers foreign language lease rental agreement translations quickly and
efficiently with our specialized translation support services and specialized
translators. MikDoss translations has been cultivating specializations in complex
translation projects that require more than just simple translations. For lease rental
agreements translations, particularly in high volume, MikDoss Translation
Company offers the smart, flexible, and technical services in order to maintain cost
effectiveness while still meeting deadlines. Lease rental agreements come in a
number of variations and require experts to navigate them quickly to translate the
relevant sections efficiently. For different reasons, requirements for lease rental
agreement translations and data extraction are unique. MikDoss meet these unique
standards comprising perfect combination of industry experience and linguistic
Prerequisite of rental agreement translations
If you’re moving, working, or going to school overseas and you plan to rent a house
or apartment or if you need to prove the terms of an overseas rental agreement in a
court of law, you’re going to need a translation of the rental agreement available in
both the language you speak and the language recognized by the court. Therefore,
translation services for rental agreements are needed in a number of languages.
Types of rental lease agreements
➢ Fixed term leases
➢ Automatic renewal leases
➢ Month-to-month lease agreements
➢ Standard residential rental lease agreements
➢ Short-term or vacation rental agreements
➢ Sublease agreements
➢ Room rental agreements
➢ Commercial lease agreement
➢ Land lease agreements
➢ Rent-to-own lease agreements etc.
We are proudly committed to:
✓ Being available 24/7 to serve you
✓ Offering high quality interpretation and translation services at a competitive
✓ Same day or overnight service is available
✓ Wide range of languages
✓ High quality translation services
✓ Accurate translation and interpretation service
✓ Prompt, efficient and personalized service
✓ Customer focused and user friendly
✓ Strict confidentiality is always guaranteed
✓ Integrity is continually observed
✓ 130 language translations are offered
✓ ISO certified translations
✓ Certified and professional lingual experts
MikDoss legal translation company
MikDoss believe in breaking language barriers thus, providing the professional
translation services in the languages that you require. Our professional translators
are so efficient in delivering the exact translations of each and every project. Our
team is available for 24\7 to serve the clients globally. A number of happy client
prefer MikDoss only because of our quality assurance and quick turnaround services.
With our proficient translators, you can earn back your time and value.
Contact us now, to get the best translations services
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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