Covid-19 Epidemic and Our Response

MikDoss, one of the Best Legal Translation Companies in Dubai, is now offering doorstep legal translation solutions in Dubai as a result of the global COVID-19 epidemic. Since society’s health and wellbeing are our top priorities, we recently introduced the world’s first purpose-built mobile locations for instant legal translation services. Our legal translators will travel to your location in one of our cutting-edge portable offices, helping you with legal translation on the spot.
MikDoss offers Legal Translation at Your Doorstep. There will be no in-person visits or waiting for hours or days for the work to be completed. There’s no point in wasting time and energy travelling in heavy traffic when you have too many other things to do. Call us now and one of our account managers will help you with the legal translations in over 320 languages from the comfort of your home.
SERVICES FOR LEGAL TRANSLATION. Certified by the Ministry of Justice and UAE Courts. We provide the service through email or at your doorstep.
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Arabic to English Legal Translation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Top Quality Services, Excellent rates. It is simple to pay and collect documents at your house, Effective Legal Translation Services that are Customized to Your Specific Needs!
Legal translation services in Dubai, Arabic, French, English, Russian, and throughout the world. UAE embassy legalization and authentication services delivered to your house.
With offices in Dubai, UAE, and local clients in the GCC, we know what there is to know about providing quality Arabic translations.