MikDoss medical translation services in Dubai

MikDoss medical translation services in Dubai
MikDoss specializes in medical translation services, employing a certified team of
medical linguists to translate documents into over 130 languages for multi-country
clinical trials and regulatory submissions worldwide. The translators of MikDoss has
the regulatory knowledge and subject matter expertise to ensure high quality,
accurate translations for every phase of the product life cycle from patent to post
market etc. The medical translation by MikDoss is ISO certified. MikDoss is
delivering proficient, submission compliant and professional translations on time
and on budget.
Why there is a need of medical translation services?
➢ The medical translation is necessary to prescribe and communicate with the
patients efficiently and effectively
➢ The translation from and to different languages in medical profession is necessary
as to provide the care and treatment to the patients who speak different languages
➢ In the field of medical researches, doctors or the public who are interested in this
sector must have the advantage to understand in their particular languages
➢ Medical translation is necessary to deliver the prescriptions and medical histories
of the patients who has recently moved to a country of other language who does
not speak the host language
Medical translation provides the benefit to the patients that they can understand
their current health condition and it enables them know how the doctor is going
to treat it etc.
Medical documents translated by MikDoss
➢ Clinical protocols and clinical protocol synopses
➢ Informed consent forms
➢ Clinical study agreements and contracts
➢ Patient information leaflets
➢ Case report forms
➢ Physician manuals
➢ Autopsy reports
➢ Study drug labels and drug inserts
➢ Medical history record
➢ Mental status examination report
➢ Operative report
➢ Patient medical registration form
➢ Physical examination forms
➢ Laboratory results
➢ Diagnosis and treatment plans
➢ Hospital discharge summaries
➢ Consent forms and etc.
Technical and subject matter expertise
The translators of MikDoss are so professional at their works that no matter how
much is the volume of documentation, complexities of the project or the urgency of
the timeline, MikDoss is ready to manage your project efficiently. The expert team
of MikDoss in medical industry and language has specialized experience in the
following subject areas:
➢ Pharmaceutical
➢ Clinical research organizations
➢ Regulatory
➢ Clinical Trials
➢ Medical Devices
➢ Biotech
➢ Healthcare
➢ Medical Publishing
Services by MikDoss legal translation company
✓ MikDoss provides 130 language translations
✓ MikDoss provides specialized translators
✓ MikDodss provides multilingual languages
✓ MikDoss offers 24\7 client services support
✓ MikDoss provides notarized translation services
✓ MikDoss provides NAATI certified translators
✓ MikDoss work with experienced and professional translators
✓ MikDoss ensure the quality of the translations
✓ MikDoss provides on time delivery
✓ MikDoss screen all of its native translators
✓ MikDoss provides translations in the target languages
✓ MikDoss has experience in medical translation
✓ MikDoss provides subject-matter expertise
✓ MikDoss offers appropriate translations
✓ MikDoss provides privacy and secrecy to your documents
✓ MikDoss provides variety of formats
✓ MikDoss meet the urgent deadlines
✓ MikDoss works around the clock
✓ MikDoss offers the error free and hassle free translations
✓ MikDoss has unrivalled experience
✓ MikDoss is proud to deliver high-quality translation services
MikDoss Translation Company
MikDoss legal translation company is the provider of meticulous translation services
with screening wide range of languages and dialects. All types of translations by
MikDoss are first class. MikDoss is a recognized translation agency as the clients
from all around the globe has easy access towards us. Our services are available
round the clock. Avail our professional medical translation services with hassle free
processing and procedure.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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