MikDoss Icelandic translation services in Dubai

MikDoss Icelandic translation services in Dubai
Icelandic is a Germanic language and there are around 320,000 native speakers
based in Iceland, and pockets of Icelandic speakers can also be found in the US,
Canada and Denmark. MikDoss legal translation company provides the Icelandic
translation services from and to number of languages which is required for
everything from business documents to personal papers to academic reports etc.
MikDoss has a wide range of expert professionals available to undertake Icelandic
translations for all kinds of documents. MikDoss provides accurate translation
services at affordable rates for anything ranging from translating an educational
certificate to translating your entire website into a language that your clients are able
to understand and appreciate. In light of the increasing demand and the need to
constantly grow your business from one level to the other, it has become even more
necessary for you to invest in accurate translations which can really boost your
business, and this is where we do come in handy. One factor which adds to the
advantages of choosing the translation services of MikDoss is that your document
will be handled by translators who are knowledgeable in your particular field.
MikDoss maintains a high standard when it comes to assigning translators to a task,
where the translator, editor and proofreader need to be native speakers of your target
language and need to have a background in your field. The Icelandic translation
services by MikDoss are an important brick in the foundation of our agency, and we
strive to provide accurate translations for each and every project, regardless of its
length. If you need affordable translation from and into Icelandic for any purpose,
you’ve come to the right place. Here at MikDoss , we cater to all types of translations
regardless of the size of the file to be translated.
Professional Icelandic translations of MikDoss
➢ MikDoss is working with the best Icelandic translators in the industry
➢ MikDoss hire professional Icelandic translators who provide accurate
translations with minimal prices and give the client exactly what they need
➢ MikDoss is a global translation services agency that specializes in all types of
languages and its conversions
➢ MikDoss works with in-house teams composed of professional native translators,
project managers, editors and proofreaders who are all committed to render the
highest quality of Icelandic translation services for all types of documents
➢ The web based services by MikDoss are created to give our clients convenience
and satisfaction, all at the same time
➢ MikDoss generally accept translation projects from all around the globe
➢ MikDoss is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality of translations, with
the highest standards of accuracy, at ultimately fast turnaround times and at prices
you simply can’t refuse
MikDoss Icelandic expertise in all sorts of domains
1. Financial services
2. Healthcare
3. Legal
4. Manufacturing
5. Marketing
6. Technology and software
7. Travel and hospitality
8. Commercial
9. Technical
13.Human resources etc.
MikDoss Icelandic language services
✓ Human based translation services
✓ Provides different type of file formats
✓ Revision of translations provided
✓ Terminology management is provided
✓ Offers Icelandic transcreation services
✓ Multilingual SEO
✓ Expertise with specific knowledge
✓ Native Icelandic translators
✓ Offers proofreading
✓ High quality translations
✓ Quick turnaround services
✓ Affordable rates
✓ 24/7 clients services support
About MikDoss legal translation company
MikDoss is a dynamic translation company with extensive experience in
translations, proofreading and copywriting for public bodies, companies and private
persons etc. MikDoss focus on being obliging and flexible in all relations with
customers and endeavor to carry out all our work in accordance with their
requirements and wishes. MikDoss operates in accordance with recognized
procedures and quality standards. All enquiries may be sent to the e-mail
sales@mikdoss.co and our staff will seek to respond as quickly as possible. All
material is treated as confidential.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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