MikDoss Estonian translation services in Dubai

MikDoss Estonian translation services in Dubai
Estonian language:
Estonian is the Uralic language of the Finnic branch spoken in Estonia. It is the
official language of Estonia, spoken by about 1.1 million people natively. It is the
second-most-spoken language among all the Finnic.
MikDoss legal translation company:
MikDoss legal translation company provides the professional linguists to translate
the documents, certificates, agreements or contracts from and to Estonian language
at proficient level. MikDoss legal translation company provides the qualified
services to deliver the exactness and accurateness of each terminology translated by
us. MikDoss offers 130+ languages for translating to make the communication
among different nations easy and to make people engage to have more advancement
in the business world through trading and investing irrespective of whatever
language is spoken.
MikDoss provides Estonian translations for variety of industrial areas:
1. Automotive industry
MikDoss provides Estonian translation services for automotive industry to
communicate in Estonian language. MikDoss translates all types of automotive
related documents whether it’s:
➢ Technical documentation
➢ Writing and editing sales
➢ Marketing literature
➢ Editing Estonian software
➢ Car displays etc.
MikDoss has expert linguists to provide Estonian language translation from and to
different languages
2. Banking and finance industry
As the exactness is a basic need for every financial documents and its translation in
Estonian language with high accuracy and perfection is required which is only
provided by MikDoss legal translation company. Whether the documents are to or
from translated in Estonian language, MikDoss provides all types of bank and
finance related documents translation in Estonian language:
➢ Reports
➢ Deposit slip
➢ Debit card
➢ Credit report
➢ Bank statement
➢ Loan agreement form.
➢ Letter of credit
➢ Bank pre-advice.
➢ Check etc.
MikDoss legal translation company ensures that we provide flawless translation and
compliant with regulatory standards. All the insurance agencies, financial advisory
firms, and loan providers trust the linguistic experts of MikDoss.
3. Legal industry
MikDoss understands that the legal papers and documentations require exactness of
language thus, providing the exactitude of each and every term that is translated in
Estonian language by us without compromising the qualified standards.
➢ Patent applications
➢ Partnership agreements
➢ Employment agreements
➢ Mergers
➢ Acquisitions and incorporations
➢ Trusts and wills etc.
4. Healthcare industry
MikDoss provides the translation services for all the documents related to the
healthcare department might be medicine related documents or pharmaceuticals
related brochures and descriptions like:
➢ Patient information leaflet
➢ Medical history record
➢ Discharge summary
➢ Medical test
➢ Mental status examination
➢ Operative report
5. Gaming industry
As the domestic game producers and foreign studios seek to translate to and from
Estonian for diverse entertainment products. MikDoss provides localization
services, the expertise of MikDoss possess specialized knowledge of:
➢ Gaming
➢ Video games
➢ VR / AR gadgets
➢ Sporting events
➢ Digital devices etc.
6. Technology and science industry
MikDoss legal translation company provides the professional language services to
convert all types of content from and to Estonian language. The savvy team of
MikDoss in the language of diverse technology domains and scientific niches offers
the all technical and scientific related translations:
➢ Apps
➢ Websites
➢ Sales and marketing literature
➢ Social media for the domestic market and for export markets etc.
7. Government
The experts of MikDoss has vast experience working with government departments
and agencies worldwide and Estonian expertise provides from and to translations
from language to language. MikDoss cooperate with officials at the different level
to translate the documents from and to Estonian language. The documents might be
➢ Federal
➢ National
➢ Regional
➢ Local levels etc.
Professional translation services by MikDoss
✓ Qualified translation services
✓ Responds promptly
✓ Easily accessible for services
✓ 24\7 available
✓ Fastest translation services provider
✓ Offers mobile based services
✓ No engine based translation
✓ Professional and skilled translators
✓ Expertise to control the terms and conditions
✓ Translate your documents from home
✓ Delivers the services on time
✓ Pairs of language translation services
✓ Authoritatively Validated by the country
✓ Urgent and standard translations at proficient level
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