MikDoss engineering translation services in Dubai

MikDoss engineering translation services in Dubai
Are you in search of engineering translation services? MikDoss the certified
translation company has been offering translation for engineering companies in a
number of languages. MikDoss has the best linguists, technical and scientific
translators, revisers and field experts that guarantees exceptional quality for all of
your engineering translation needs. At MikDoss Translation Company, we have
ample experience in translation for engineering companies. MikDoss has been
working in the industry for over years for several of the leading engineering
companies in the world. The experienced practice allows MikDoss to offer you a
high quality service in any language, adapting to tight turnaround times and at a
competitive price. MikDoss is an authorized translation company providing the
certified translations with assuring the accuracy and exactitude of each term
translated by our professional skilled translators.
MikDoss engineering translation services encompass the following types of
engineering and their branches:
➢ Civil
➢ Bioengineering
➢ Chemical
➢ IT
➢ Industrial
➢ Mining
➢ Agricultural
➢ Aerospace
➢ Electric
➢ Naval
➢ Food
➢ Production
➢ Aeronautical
➢ Mechanical
➢ Environmental
➢ Biomedical
➢ Heavy and light industry
➢ Steel industry
➢ Metallurgy
➢ Construction
➢ Renewable energy sources
➢ Fossil fuels and many more.
MikDoss is specialized in providing translation for engineering project, such
➢ Turnkey projects translations
➢ Technical budgets translations
➢ Civil works translations
➢ Thermoelectric power plants translations
➢ Technical specifications translations
➢ User manuals translations
➢ Production processes translations
➢ Construction process translations
➢ Viability studies translations
➢ Operation translations
➢ Environmental viability translations etc.
Professional translation services and management provided by MikDoss
In order to achieve the highest quality in our translations, MikDoss work with the
best engineering translators in the industry, regardless of the language combinations.
All of translators of MikDoss are coordinated by highly experienced project
managers and together they produce first rate translation for engineering companies.
MikDoss work with local and international companies, large companies and
multinationals, offering them a wide range of services. MikDoss work with 130
languages and is specialized in almost all industry sectors, offering maximum quality
in all our customers’ projects and fulfilling deadlines at competitive prices. MikDoss
has a team of professionals made up of project managers, translators, software and
website localizers, revisers and terminologists. Working together in a team
guarantees a quality service tailored to our customers’ needs.
How MikDoss gains the client’s focus?
✓ Translation in more than 130 languages
✓ Provide all types of translations
✓ Accurate and efficient translation
✓ Expert native translators
✓ Rapid turnaround time
✓ Encrypted and secured file sharing panel
✓ Doorstep services
✓ Addition services option
✓ 24\7 available costumer services
✓ Easily accessible
✓ Notarized translation agency
MikDoss legal translation company
MikDoss poses proficiency in delivering a culturally relevant and customized
translation experience to international clients totally relies on translator’s ability and
skill to understand, speak, the language. MikDoss provide integrated language
platform with technological advancement and native language translators who are
able to offers the remarkable translation services according to the needs of the
clients. MikDoss has experience managing translation teams and leading the growth
strategies in providing all sorts of translations.
Contact us now, and let us know your translation requirements
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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