Certified Legal Translation Dubai

Certified Legal Translation Dubai

Our expert legal translators and interpreters have worked in translation industry for over 10 years. The teams consist of university toppers and class leaders. MikDoss Best Legal Translation has a policy to only work with industry experts, native speakers and highly experience individuals.

At MikDoss Best Legal Translation, we have experience of 10 years in translation industry. We have been awarded the Best Translation Company of 2020 by Forbes. Our 4 step translation process approved by the Ministry of Justice and 100+ embassies makes us the leader of the industry.

Why Legal Translation Dubai?

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UAE is an Arab country and thus Arabic is the language of all the government and official bodies. More than 150 nationalities live together in Dubai. Therefore, when submitting any documents to any government or official bodies, the documents have to be submitted in Arabic. Get in touch with us to know more.

Legal Translation is required when submitting documents to the court. People presenting in front of the court as a plaintiff or defendant have to lodge all the case related documents in Arabic. These Arabic translations have to be Ministry of Justice approved Legal Translation in Dubai.

An example case can be a situation where a supplier has supplied services to a person or a company and a payment dispute has arisen. In such situation, the supplier (Plaintiff) must gather all the relevant documents such as invoices, quotations, email conversations, purchase agreements supply notes, purchase order and then prepare the case by Legally Translating them to Arabic by a Ministry of Justice Approved legal Translator in Dubai and then present them in front of the Court.

If you come across a situations where a cheque has been dishonored, as per the UAE law you can file a police charge against the cheque issuer. However, the cheque must be legally translated by a Sworn Legal Translation office in Dubai. After the certified translation, the client can proceed to take the required legal action.

MikDoss Best Legal Translation is one of the best legal translation companies in the UAE. With more than 37 offices around UAE and availability of 24/7, we are always open and always nearby.

MiKDoss is a Certified Legal Translation Company in the UAE. We are also duly recognized by:

All Government Departments;

  • Ministry Of Justice;
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs;
  • Courts Of UAE;
  • Embassies;
  • Ministry Of Education;
  • RTA;
  • Banks;
  • Dubai Municipality;
  • 100s of Official Government Entities within & outside the UAE.

Official Legal Translation Dubai

mikdoss translation services

Arabic is a national language of UAE. It is also the written language of all the governmental/ministerial bodies of UAE. Therefore, if you are planning to submit your documents in any of the government body of UAE, you will have to get them legally translated in Arabic.

Ministry of Justice approved legal translation Dubai is widely seen to be done for submission in court amid litigation cases. For example, if you are acting in a capacity of plaintiff, you will need to submit all the supporting documents to make your case stronger. For example, if the defendant has not cleared payment in respect of the services or supplies, plaintiff will get all the relevant documents legally translated into Arabic, such as invoices, purchase orders, quotations, delivery notes, sales and purchase agreement and any other document as per their industry standard.

Similarly, if you received a cheque from someone in exchange of cash or services, and the respective cheque has been bounced back due to insufficient funds in the issuer account, you can file a police case against the cheque issuer. However, you will need to get the cheque officially translated into Arabic by a sworn translation office in Dubai. Once the certified translation is done, the beneficiary can proceed to take necessary legal action.

Languages that we break barriers of @ MIkDoss Best Legal Translation

We cover Legal Translation Certified by the Ministry of Justice for more than 130 language pairs, just to name a few we cover:

French to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to French legal translation
German to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to German legal translation

Russian to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Russian legal translation
Turkish to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Turkish legal translation
Italian to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Italian legal translation
Spanish to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Spanish legal translation
Chinese to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Chinese legal translation
Farsi to Arabic legal translation ♻ Arabic to Farsi legal translatio

We would like to highlight the official places where accredited legal translation is essential and we provide the same for such purposes:

Highlighting the departments and entities where legal translation is essential:

Legal translation for RTA
Legal translation for Ministry of Labour
Legal translation for Court
Legal translation for Ministry of Justice
Legal translation for Land Department
Other governmental/ministerial bodies

Legal translation for Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Legal translation for Municipality
Legal Translation for Department of Economic Development
Legal translation for DNRD or UAE Visa immigration

For your documents to be valid to be used in the departments mentioned above you will have to have your documents translated to Arabic by a Legal Translation Office based in the UAE. The translating company has to be duly recognized by the Ministry of Justice.  MikDoss Best Legal Translation is certified, approved and endorsed by all these departments.

The translations provided by us are approved and accepted throughout the UAE, UK, USA, EU and Australia. We also the approved translators for the embassies and missions of the countries mentioned above.

MikDoss Best Legal Translation supports legal translation for number of purposes, highlighting few of them here under:

Spanish legal translation approved in Spanish Consulate / Embassy
Farsi legal translation approved in Persian Consulate / Embassy

Italian legal translation approved in Italian Consulate / Embassy
French legal translation approved in French Consulate / Embassy
German legal translation approved in German Consulate / Embassy

Russian legal translation approved in Russian Consulate / Embassy
Chinese legal translation approved in Chinese Consulate / Embassy
Turkish legal translation approved in Turkish Consulate / Embassy

Which Legal documents must be translated by a Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai, UAE

✌ Legal Translation of Birth Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Death Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Declaration of Marital Status
✌ Legal Translation of Marriage Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Divorce Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of School Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of College Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Academic/University Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Driving Licenses
✌ Legal Translation of Identification Cards
✌ Legal Translation of Passports
✌ Legal Translation of Lost Passport certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Criminal Clearance Records
✌ Legal Translation of Police Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Character Certificates
✌ Legal Translation of Residence Permit
✌ Legal Translation of  your affidavit
✌ Legal Translation of  Legal notice & Court Documents


A three step process of translation, editing and proofreading is followed whenever a translation is prepared at MikDoss Best Legal Translation. French Legal translation is most required when submitting documents issued from French native countries or to French Native Countries. MikDoss Best Legal Translation is duly approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide legal translations of French to Arabic, French to English, Arabic to French or English to French.

Since all our translators are the native speakers of the target and source language, all our work produced is highly professional and accurate.

The three step process ensures that we iron out any grammatical or structural mistakes so that the client is free of such worries.


MikDoss Best Legal Translation offers Legal Translation of Documents issued in Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and Tajik (Approved by the ministry of Justice, Embassies, Banks and the courts of the UAE.

Our Team of native translators of the old Soviet Union have vast experience in translating documents of general and technical nature. Working with MikDoss Best Legal Translation offers exposure to our team and that exposure in turn helps us as a company to produce more and more accurate translations.

More and more entrepreneurs are making move from Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Tajikistan to achieve the Dubai dream. Hence there is an ever growing requirement to translate documents from Russian, Uzbek and Ukrainian to Arabic, English for courts, banks, embassies and other official departments.

It is absolute necessity to translate these documents by an official legal translator in Dubai such as MikDoss Best Legal Translation.

Guaranteeing the confidentiality of the documents that we handle for our clients, both physical and virtual is an absolute priority of our company. We have dedicated in house servers for our emails to ensure we have full control over our IT security and only make use of our in house Lawyers doctors and industry professionals to translate documents legally.


Our translation account managers appoints a suitable legal translator pursuant to the specialty of the documents. If you are a lawyer, advocate or legal advisor and wish to accomplish your clients legal projects translated properly and accurately in order to strengthen the winning chances of your clients’ cases, we shall always be considered a best choice to conduct a specialized legal translation for your documents.

Our translators have an intense knowledge of all types of legal terminologies by using highly standard legal specialized dictionaries by means of which they ensure the production of exact meaning of the translated documents as well as have an understanding of the civil, criminal, companies, personal, labour, residency and naturalization, families laws and regulations which are applied within the UAE and throughout the world.

Our translation account managers shall always evaluate context of your document is, and in what circumstances it will be used in. By doing this, we can accurately match the translators with the correct legal knowledge and experience to your translation.

We Specialize in following Legal Translation Services

Memorandum & Articles of Association ★ Annual Financial Reports ★ Special Power of Attorneys ★ General Power of Attorneys ★ Sales & Purchase Agreements ★ Courts Judgments ★ Civil & Commercial Laws for all countries ★ Commercial/Performa Invoices ★ Purchase Orders ★ Companies Cheques ★ Commercial Lease Agreements ★ Bid of Quotations ★ Personal Agreements ★ Loan agreements ★ Auditors Reports ★ Legal Notices ★ Summons ★ Memorandum of Understanding ★ Local Service Agent Agreements ★ Minutes of Meeting ★ Confidential Agreements ★ Proposals ★ Bank Letters ★ Acknowledgement Receipts ★ Notifications ★ Sales and marketing agreements ★ Statement of Accounts and 1000+ types of legal documents.

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