Why Translate?

Why Translate?

Why Translate, Why do you even need to translate? A question that is asked by many but answered by very few. In the age of google translate, Bing translate and other translation software’s online. What is even the point of translation companies? Why even a translation company is needed?

These are the questions we will try addressing in this blog by MikDoss Best Legal Translation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and London.

Why is Translation even required?

Human civilization has always had the need for translation. Because of our differences in how we communicate, speak, and interact with each other. Evolving on different continents with very little access to each other. Each tribe derived their own specific way of communication and hence found it difficult to interact with different tribe’s, nations and people.
There are two subcategories’ in language, both as important. The spoken language and the written language. Spoken language is mainly used for verbal communications and written on the other hand is mainly used for written communications.

What Small to Large Business Wants?

There are nearly 6500 languages that are spoken in the world. Today and nearly 200 of these language’s make up the population of today’s world.

Most popular of these languages is Mandarin Chinese with over 1213000000 speakers. With so many diverse nations and ways of communications. Often a need crops up for a translator/translation to become a medium between two different language speakers.
Today small to large business wants to go global to surpass their sale targets. Reach new limits and expand their reach. In order for these business to reach audience which does not understand the business originating language. They require translation to market in the local language.

Studies conducted by the University of Cambridge in 2019 found that people were more comfortable in making their buying decisions. If the product being sold was in the language they understood. About 70% of the people in Spain suggested that they preferred buying products. That had details in the Local Spanish language over the products in English.

Why not Choose Translation Software’s?

While the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and computer industry has come a long way. It still lacks the general sense of HUMAN to it. We humans to tend to speak more often so with emotions and context then literal meaning of the words. Online software’s while do a god job in word to word translation. Fail however to translate in emotions and in context. Which in turns makes the translation non sense to a general reader or listener.

Who to Translate From?

At the time of this blog in January 2021 there are over 1 million translation companies in the world. But just as other industries there are industry leaders and companies that just literally sell software translations. MikDoss Best Legal Translation Company that originated from London in 2009. It has expanded its offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi (UAE) is the Rolls Royce of translation industry. With its offices in the most diverse country, over 300 in-house linguists and capability to translate over 180 languages. MikDoss has helped break many language barriers.


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