Why Legal Translation Dubai?

Why Legal Translation Dubai?

Why Legal Translation Dubai? UAE is an Arab country and thus Arabic is the language of all the government and official bodies. More than 150 nationalities live together in Dubai. Therefore, when submitting any documents to any government or official bodies, the documents have to be submitted in Arabic. Get in touch with us to know more.

Ministry of Justice approved Legal Translation in Dubai

Legal Translation is required when submitting documents to the court. Moreover, people presenting in front of the court as a plaintiff or defendant have to lodge all the case related documents in Arabic. And, these Arabic translations have to be Ministry of Justice approved Legal Translation in Dubai.

Ministry of Justice Approved legal Translator in Dubai

An example case can be a situation where a supplier has supplied services to a person or a company and a payment dispute has arisen. In the same vein, the supplier (Plaintiff) must gather all the relevant documents such as invoices, quotations, email conversations, purchase agreements supply notes, purchase order and then prepare the case by Legally Translating them to Arabic by a Ministry of Justice Approved legal Translator in Dubai and then present them in front of the Court.

A Sworn Legal Translation Office in Dubai

If you come across a situations where a cheque has been dishonored, as per the UAE law you can file a police charge against the cheque issuer. However, the cheque must be legally translated by a Sworn Legal Translation office in Dubai. After the certified translation, the client can proceed to take the required legal action.

Best Legal Translation Companies in the UAE

MikDoss Best Legal Translation is one of the best legal translation companies in the UAE. With more than 37 offices around UAE and availability of 24/7, we are always open and always nearby.

MiKDoss Best Legal Translation

MiKDoss Best Legal Translation is a Certified Legal Translation Company in the UAE. We are also duly recognized by:

All Government Departments;

  • Ministry Of Justice;
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs;
  • Courts Of UAE;
  • Embassies;
  • Ministry Of Education;
  • RTA;
  • Banks;
  • Dubai Municipality;
  • 100s of Official Government Entities within & outside the UAE.

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