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Why MikDoss Best Legal Translation remains the most suitable choice for certified professional translation for those applying for Canadian immigration these days? There is only one reason that MikDoss Best Legal Translation ( Translation in Dubai ) has become one of the most recognized and reliable translation office for your documents translations which are duly accepted and approved for your immigration purpose to Canada.

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MikDoss Best Legal Translations prides to express with full confidence and assurance that we are now dealing with one of the top immigration consultants , lawyers and specialists for their clients educational, marriage, birth certificates which is vital for utilizing while your documents are put into process for immigration to Canada. Certificates translation for Canada Immigration: It is mandatory prior to the apply for Canada , your documents must be officially authenticated and translated by a certified translation company which increases your points more positively for your visa acceptance. Birth Certificate translation for Canada Immigration: It is essential that you submit your Birth Certificate, your children Birth Certificate, your spouse birth certificate or any of your family members for whom you are applying for long-term visa & for this purpose birth certificate must be officially translated into English language as per the official requirements of Canada immigration authority. You have your birth certificate in any language and we are here to get it translated for you with complete certification applicable to be submitted for Canada immigration.

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