The Impact of Translation in Dubai

The Impact of Translation in Dubai

A City with Its Own Language

Dubai is one of the most diverse states in the UAE ethnically, culturally, and linguistically. And, no place shows it more than Dubai. If you ask someone the first thing they think of about Dubai. You’d get dozens of answers, all of them correct. Food, tourism, finance, sales, entertainment, nearly any industry in the world is represented here. Dubai is a place where people of any language or culture come together to trade information, buy, sell. And, compete for market recognition. The Impact of Translation in Dubai

A complex blend of languages fills the air in Dubai. Instead of being intimidated by that, use translation services in Dubai. To help you reach out to everyone who wants what you sell, not only those who speak your language. Keep reading to learn more about Dubai’s linguistic landscape.

Solutions for Language Barriers

People living, working, and visiting bring their languages, cultures, plans, and talents to Dubai. Why should this matter to you?  If you’re doing business in Dubai and your products appeal to a multilingual group. You can’t afford not to use language services. People like to engage in their native languages. And, a business that takes this to heart will increase their opportunities for sales, grow their following. And, improve the perception of their brand. The Impact of Translation in Dubai.

Language barriers make life more difficult in almost every way, from small frustrations to emergencies.  Language barriers can make it difficult for people to find the product they are looking for. And, have a hard time understanding instructions during training or in a medical setting. This should be a wake-up call for how much translation services are needed for anyone doing business and working with the government in Dubai. The Impact of Translation in Dubai.

Languages of Dubai ( I am here)

About 80% of residents of Dubai are expats and speak an array of languages including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Tagalog, Malaysian, Chinese, Bengali, Korean, Russian, French, German, Dutch and Italian but most of them speak English as their secondary language. However, The other 20% of Dubai’s population are the local Arabs and speaks Arabic. Moreover, Arabic is the main language of the UAE and all the Government agencies only accept documents in Arabic.

So, The Multilanguage demographic drives the growth and purchasing power in the city. Meanwhile, Real estate and retail holdings in Dubai are currently favoured by investors from India, Russian, Pakistan, Turkey and the EU countries, their processes often require legal and financial translations and interpreters. Likewise, MikDoss  Legal Translation Dubai is an expert in translating these documents legally in over 330 languages like French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog and etc.

Further, Our translation agency regularly helps people from all over the world engage with Arabic speaking people in Dubai. In addition, We translate many different documents to support non-Arabic speaking residents in Dubai: from contract translation to instruction for training, from insurance benefits to the translation of information for visitors, our translation from any languages to Arabic and vice versa helps eliminate language barriers for visitors and residents in Dubai every day. The Impact of Translation in Dubai

Legal Translation in Dubai


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