Thai Legal Translation in Sharjah

Thai Legal Translation in Sharjah

Considering a large number of Thai speakers living here in the UAE for their business and professional activities, MikDoss Best Legal Translation Services has offered its Thai translation services in Sharjah, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE. We offer translation, subtitling, transcription and interpreting services for a variety of Thai language subjects. Our team of Thai translators in Sharjah has translated a large number of documents perfectly. These include, in particular, medical, technical, official, legal and business documents. Our professional Thai translators are experts in perfectly translating POAs, MOAs, medical reports, legal documents, brochures, manuals, degrees and other types of certificates.

As we offer translations in all major languages, this list includes not only Thai, but more than 120 other languages. You can call or email us 24/7 to meet the translation requirements of all major languages. Some of the most important are Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Chinese, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi and Tamil. It should also be noted, in particular, that we offer impeccable translations for Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Russian and all relevant languages. We translate Thai with any other major language pair, but below are the most widely practiced ones.


Thai to English translation


English to Thai translation


Thai to Arabic translation


Arabic to Thai translation


About Thai language

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand and Siam. Its capital is Bangkok, known as the Tourist Sky, famous for its royal squares, its beaches and its ornate temples. Thailand is the founding member of the ASEAN Group. Thai is Thailand’s first and only official language. It is very similar to the Vietnamese and Chinese languages and can be categorized as analytical and tonal. A large part of the Thai vocabulary was borrowed or derived from Sanskrit, Old Khmer, Pali and Mon. Currently, some 50 million people all over the world speak Thai.


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