NAATI Certified Translation

Almost 4 million Australians, or more than 23 percent of the population, speak a language other than English at home. Without quality translation and interpreting services, many of these people would not be able to do the things most of us take for granted, such as seeing a doctor, accessing government services, or simply going to the bank.

Many people have an idealized image of translators (who deal with written words) and interpreters (who work with spoken or signed languages). The popular image of an interpreter is of someone in a booth at the United Nations or at a global summit or conference.

Similarly, the idealized image of a translator is of the literary translator, rendering great works of literature from one language into another. However, much of the work in Australia consists of the translation of marketing communications, government documents or official documents, such as birth or marriage certificates or documents proving identity.

There are currently more than 40,000 accredited translators and interpreters in Australia, with accreditations spanning 117 languages, though not all those accredited work in the profession.

NAATI is a company that is jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia. The administration of the company is represented by a Board of Directors appointed by the owners.


  • A quality assurance scheme
  • A peak non-government body (though our owners are the nine Australian governments)
  • A pioneer in the world of certifying translators and interpreters

MikDoss Legal Translation  Dubai employs NAATI certified translators between English and Arabic. Accordingly, MikDoss Legal Translation offers certified NAATI translation to our clients. NAATI certified translations are recognized by Australian embassies worldwide and Australia’s government departments

Got plans in Australia?

  • Visa & immigration
  • Study & work
  • Business & marketing
  • Legal and contracts
  • Document & certificates
  • Financial or Medical

Looking for certified translation by the Australian authorities?

MikDoss Legal Translation is the only translator in Dubai that is accredited by the Australian authorities (NAATI).

MikDoss Legal Translation  will make your documents ready to be used in Australia for any purpose you have

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