MikDoss visa and immigration documents translation services in Dubai

MikDoss visa and immigration documents translation services in Dubai
MikDoss legal translation company provides the qualified translation services for
visa and immigration documents
➢ MikDoss is a one stop shop for the proficient translations for all of the documents
required to apply for a visa. That’s why you need our accredited language
services that is only offered by MikDoss
➢ The translation services for visa and immigration document by MikDoss are
widely accepted by great number of people seeking quality translations around
the world
➢ The cooperation by our globe notch clients for trusting MikDoss translation
services built our confidence to serve you with more devotion hard work,
accuracy and perfection.
➢ MikDoss is devoted to provide you unparalleled professional translation services
every time. Choosing MikDoss once will be your choice and preference every
➢ MikDoss promises the quality, accuracy and exactitude of each and every
translation that we deliver
➢ MikDoss provides you translation in more than a number of languages. The most
popular language translations that MikDoss offers are;
English translation, Arabic translation, French translation, Spanish translation,
Italian translation, German translation, Korean translation, Chinese translation,
Japanese translation, Russian translation, Ukrainian translation, Portuguese
translation and many more
MikDoss is a wide platform for clients giving wide range of industries to choose
our services
➢ MikDoss always delivers quality translations to the clients under supervision of
industry specialists
MikDoss offers different types of translation for that include general translation,
personal document translation, legal translation, banking and financial
translation, business translation, visa and immigration documents translation,
educational transcripts translation, engineering and technical translation, website
and software translation, transcripts translations and many more
➢ MikDoss offers unique and affordable translation services with delivering
translations on given timescale, quality services, round the clock customer
support and agile response
➢ The translation services by MikDoss is widely trusted by thousands of people
around the world

Requirement of visa and other immigration documents translations

The translation services for visa and immigration documents are required in the non English states, authorities, agencies and embassies. They ask you to present the
required documents in their local language for greater understanding of your purpose

MikDoss translation services for different documents:

➢ NIC card translation
➢ Passport translation
➢ Adoption documentation translation
➢ Court and prison records translation
➢ Birth certificates translation
➢ Marriage termination documentation translation
➢ School leaving certificate translation
➢ Military records translation
➢ Police character or clearance certificate translation
➢ Petitioner documents translation
➢ Unmarried certificate translation
➢ Police certificates translation
➢ Educational degrees translation
➢ Legal documents translation
➢ Attestation of documents
➢ Educational transcripts translation
➢ Visa documents translation
➢ Immigration documents translation
➢ Educational documents attestation
➢ Marriage deed translation
➢ Visa application
➢ Visa decisions translation
➢ Appeal against the visa decision
➢ Family visa documents translation
➢ Other certificates FRC, MRC, Form B, Divorce, Death) translation etc.

MikDoss translation services for a variety of industries

➢ Financial
➢ Business
➢ Building and construction
➢ Consulting business
➢ Corporate communication
➢ Visa immigration translation
➢ Education
➢ E-commerce
➢ Engineering and manufacturing
➢ Geology and social sciences
➢ Government
➢ Human resource
➢ Insurance
➢ Information technology
➢ Investor relations
➢ Life sciences
➢ Legal
➢ Media
➢ Medical translation
➢ Mobile app localization
➢ Sales and marketing
➢ Sports
➢ Transport and logistics
➢ Telecommunication
➢ Technology
➢ Trade fair and export
➢ Travel and tourism
➢ Transcripts
➢ Real estate and Property
➢ Travel and hospitality
➢ Game translation etc.

Why prefer MikDoss legal translation services?

✓ Passionate and devoted language translators
✓ Purely native speaker
✓ Qualified translations
✓ Project management skills
✓ Industry expertise
✓ Rich experienced translators
✓ Interpersonal communications expertise
✓ largest network of translators
✓ Translation by approved translators
✓ Provide certification, attestation and authentication of the translation
✓ Provides hassle free services

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