MikDoss typesetting services in Dubai

MikDoss typesetting services in Dubai
Typesetting services is a process, which brings refinement to the printed manuscript.
Translating one language to another goes well beyond word for word translation, as
there are many different rules for grammar and layout. Using multilingual
typesetting services ensures your words work effectively in whichever language you
are targeting.
MikDoss legal translation company
MikDoss offers a complete translation typesetting services, guiding your translation
into print. We typeset any language with quick and professional services. MikDoss
has been supplying multilingual typesetting and language translation to companies
and organizations around the globe from over years. We can translate your
publication from scratch, typeset from an existing translation. Get in touch to discuss
your multilingual typesetting requirements and demands with one of our helpful
project managers. MikDoss can typeset from a preexisting translation or supply a
professional translation and then typeset it.
Our knowledgeable and professional typesetters
Whether you need one word or a whole brochure, you can be confident of top quality
foreign language typesetting delivered in a manner to suit you. Some languages
require expanded software or specialized plug-ins. Some languages may require
expanded versions of fonts. Our vast library of multilingual fonts allows a great
visual match every time. The specialized experts in multilingual typesetting for over
years, we have built up an unbeatable stock of typefaces spanning the languages of
the world. Our in-house studio are on-hand from the start to advice on font options
for your document. As foreign language experts, MikDoss knows that a successful
translation pays attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural
appropriateness. MikDoss employs only mother tongue professional translators,
selected according to their language skills, educational background, subject
knowledge and experience.
Types of typesetting services provided by MikDoss
➢ Typesetting and composition
➢ Creative formatting
➢ Asset research, media rights and permissions
➢ Text for accessibility
➢ Proofing and testing
➢ Rights and permission
We offer typesetting services for following sectors:
➢ Government
➢ Community
➢ Migration
➢ Legal
➢ IT and software
➢ Marketing and creative
➢ Mining and resources
➢ Banking and finance
➢ Medical and healthcare
➢ Education
➢ E-commerce and retail
➢ Other sectors etc.
Why you should prefer MikDoss?
✓ Easy access towards client services
✓ No need to complete the formalities
✓ 24\7 availability of clients services support
✓ Experienced translators
✓ Officially notarized translation agency
✓ No machine based services
✓ Expert native translators
✓ All sorts of translation services available under one roof
✓ Translation services in more than 130 languages and dialects
✓ Bilingual and trilingual translation services
✓ Translations for every type of documents
✓ Secure file sharing panel
✓ Maintenance of privacy and data secrecy
✓ Legal translation services
✓ Qualified translations on online basis
✓ Typesetting services at professional level
Prime objective of MikDoss
MikDoss aims to provide all types of translation services under one roof with
keeping up the high quality. MikDoss believes to deliver most significant services
which proofs to be the solution for the clients from all around the globe. The
beneficial services by MikDoss includes; providing efficient, consistent multichannel delivery of your message whatever the language is, comprehensive services
that are tailored according to your requirements and demands, an expert project
manager from our multilingual team who look after your project, network of
professional translators who covers a wide range of specialist knowledge and our inhouse studio that assures typographic excellence in every language.
Email or call us to discuss your needs, or ask us for a free quotation online.
With MikDoss your project is in safe hands.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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