MikDoss transcription services in Dubai

MikDoss transcription services in Dubai
MikDoss the professional translation and transcription services provider, delivers
the services in over a number of languages with considering the dialects according
to the locality whether its entertainment, communication, or marketing, video
transcription offers numerous benefits. MikDoss makes your content easier to find
and expands your reach to new audiences. Transcription service by MikDoss will
help you make your message clearer. MikDoss is the efficient transcription provider
who delivers all types of services legally and accurately.
Why do you need transcription services?
Transcription services can easily and efficiently take on the task of transcribing
spoken information into text that can later be analyzed or used in case studies.
Having professional transcripts ensures the researchers will have clean and accurate
records of exact participant responses. Transcription services are required in a
number of languages for business as well for other purposes.
Native expertise to deliver transcription services
MikDoss offers the transcription services by the professional expertise. The
translators are the native specialists delivering the services in required language and
time. All of our translators/transcribers sign a confidentiality agreement. We at
MikDoss, completely understand the importance of accuracy in transcription. That’s
why we always aim for 99% accuracy. We hire only the best professionals and
certificate holders. We employ a system of reviews and checks to ensure quality and
accuracy. Our staff has transcribing experience, so you can be sure your audio files
are transcribed with great care and attention to detail.
MikDoss provides following transcriptions for:
✓ Presentations
✓ Lectures
✓ Doctor/Patient notes
✓ Scientific findings
✓ Dictations
✓ Interviews etc.
Categories of transcriptions by MikDoss
➢ Audio Transcription
➢ Business Transcription
➢ Conference Transcription
➢ General Transcription
➢ Legal Transcription
➢ Market Research Transcription
➢ Video Transcription
➢ Language Transcription
➢ Academic Transcription
➢ Focus Group Transcription
➢ Multilingual Transcription
➢ Online Transcription
➢ Language Transcription
➢ Industry Transcription
➢ Sermon Transcription
➢ Recording Transcription
➢ Human Transcription
➢ Audio recording Transcription
➢ Audio text Transcription
➢ Quick Transcription
➢ Voice Transcription
➢ Data Transcription
➢ Podcast Transcription
➢ Interview Transcription
➢ Voice to text Transcription etc.
Proficient services for transcription
✓ Easy to contact for the services
✓ Responding promptly
✓ Always performs professionally
✓ Delivering the type of services on client’s demand
✓ Responsible for privacy and safety
✓ Expertise to control the terms and conditions
✓ Valid multilingual translation and transcription
✓ Translation and transcription at competent level
✓ Highly qualified legal translation and transcription
✓ Licensed translation and transcription services
✓ Pairs of languages translation and transcription services
✓ Deliver the services on time
✓ Authoritatively validated by the country
✓ Nuances the documents same as the originals
MikDoss legal transcription solution
MikDoss is a professional translation and transcription service supplier. Our team
consists of professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support
specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the
quality of our transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
MikDoss works to enable people to communicate without considering the language
Contact us now, to avail the remarkable transcription services
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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