MikDoss tourism translation services in Dubai

MikDoss tourism translation services in Dubai
MikDoss offers the fastest professional travel and tourism translation services by
certified travel and tourism translators
✓ MikDoss provides the quality translation services for travel and tourism
industry in more than a number of languages
✓ The translators of MikDoss deals with all types of technical, legal as well as
government, private, NGOs and firms like life science, mining, real estate,
academic, engineering, medical and many more sectors for last many years
✓ MikDoss is a professional translation agency with a well-known position in the
market of travel and tourism translation services worldwide
✓ The veteran travel and tourism interpreters of MikDoss supply significant travel
and tourism interpretation service required for industrial and non-industrial
✓ MikDoss provides travel and tourism localization service, we localize mobile
apps, websites or any tech related software from and to travel and tourism
language in cost efficient and nominal price
✓ The translators of MikDoss while translating the documents for tourism industry
ensures that they deliver a creative work and maintain tandem with idiomatic,
historical and cultural issues of the targeted segment
✓ The services of MikDoss facilitate effective communication that results in
increasing your customer base and boosting your promotional activities
Requirement of tourism translation
1. The translation services for tourism industry is important because incorrect
translation can be a bad experience for the traveler
2. A strong emphasis is laid on accuracy as the maps and brochures need to be
correctly translated so that the traveler can plan properly
3. The travel and tourism translation services is needed to attract as much audience
and can gain the profitable period for tourism industry of the particular country
Common types of travel documents translated by MikDoss
✓ Passport booklets
✓ Passport cards
✓ Driver’s licenses
✓ Visas
✓ Passport
✓ Permanent resident card
What MikDoss considers for travel and tourism industry translation?
➢ MikDoss use accessible languages, the languages that could access the audiences
from different countries
➢ MikDoss delivers quality and authentic tourism translations, a complete
understanding of both the source and target language
➢ MikDoss translates tourism documents with highly-specialized commercial skill,
as there are a number of details that need to be managed wisely
➢ The translating team of MikDoss makes sure that no single detail or information
is neglected or misinterpreted
➢ Besides conveying the message, MikDoss add to the tourism translation a
marketing skill, in order to advertise and promote the clients’ website, brochure
or other marketing material
➢ The native translators of MikDoss play with words in such a way that attracts
readers and tourists towards our clients’ business
➢ The tone and style of language may differ from one country to another but all the
necessary writing conventions and cultural implications of the target audience are
considered by MikDoss
➢ MikDoss provides veteran translators, who are vested with immense knowledge
in translating texts for tourism industry
➢ The translating team of MikDoss portrays the translated content as an appealing
one, that simultaneously conveys the exact message as well as lure more and
more tourists for our clients’ enterprise
The team of MikDoss has the following specialties:
✓ Strict application of drafting rules
✓ Maintains 100% confidentiality
✓ Exclusive translation into the mother tongue of targeted audience
✓ Rigorous proof-reading to ensure quality
MikDoss the ultimate partner for tourism translations
MikDoss is a solution to all your tourism related requirements. The professional and
proficient translators of MikDoss translates all tourism documents whether they are
for amusement parks, tourism offices, museums, hotels, restaurants, or other tourism
organization. MikDoss provides you authentic translation in more than a number
foreign languages. MikDoss cater to all the needs that you require on a daily basis,
such as translation of multilingual catalogs, websites, menus, leaflets, brochures and
guides etc.

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