MikDoss tenancy agreement translation services in Dubai

MikDoss tenancy agreement translation services in Dubai
As a result of increased levels of multiculturalism and language diversity across the
globe, it has become of paramount importance that tenancy agreements and any
other related housing documents are presented in the language that the buyer
understands best. Do you own a rental property and would you like to rent it out to
someone who doesn’t have a good command of the English or any other except their
own native language? Or are you offered a tenancy or lease agreement in a foreign
language yourself, and you want to know exactly what it says? MikDoss is here to
translate your tenancy agreement for you and retain its legal validity. MikDoss
provides the most reliable tenancy agreement translations so that residents or
potential buyers are able to make informed and justified decisions regarding the
purchase of their potential new home or office. MikDoss recognized that there is
need of communication with non-English speaking residents who must be known
about the term and conditions regarding their process, so that they are able to settle
into their new residency with ease without facing any language related difficulties.
Professional services by MikDoss
MikDoss offers high-quality translations with ISO certification. For legal
documents, MikDoss employ qualified legal translators who translate various
documentations into their native language as per required by the clients. MikDoss
even offers urgent based translation. MikDoss understands the importance of
accuracy and clear translation for tenancy agreements. MikDoss offers translations
that are completely clear to all parties which allows them to know their rights and
obligations in their own languages. MikDoss engages a specialist legal translator for
your tenancy agreement.
MikDoss delivers following types of tenancy agreement translations:
1. Fixed-term tenancy
2. Periodic tenancy
3. Tenancy at sufferance
4. Tenancy at will etc.
Services provided by MikDoss
✓ Consultation services with expert managers
✓ Profitable combination of cost, timescale, and quality of services
✓ Solution of even the most non-standard tasks
✓ Strict confidentiality
✓ Secure file sharing panel
✓ 130 popular languages for translation
✓ 24 hour clients accessibility
✓ All types of translation under one roof
✓ Translations on clients demand
✓ Parlance of languages according to the location
✓ Experienced human based translations
✓ Expert translators in different subject areas
✓ Accuracy and quality assurance
✓ Translation agency with notarized label
Our mission
With huge network of qualified native translators from around the world, MikDoss
aims to provide accurate and idiomatic translations in over 130 languages. MikDoss
offers completed translations according to your time zone, so you do not need to
worry about any missed deadlines. MikDoss assures to assign your project to a
translator who is not only an expert in the desired field, but is also a native speaker
of the target language. The reason for why MikDoss do this is simple, MikDoss
targets to guarantee that your final document reads as naturally as possible. With the
methods that MikDoss implement, your translation will conform to the expectations
of the target reader and of target country.
Contact us now,
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UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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