MikDoss real estate translation services in Dubai

MikDoss real estate translation services in Dubai
MikDoss offers real estate translation from and to different languages with
professional services. With just a handful of comparisons. The clients of MikDoss
return to us again and again, because we offer the same accurate, high quality
translation service for real estate. MikDoss provides certified real estate translation
services in over 130 languages with considering the dialects according to the
locations. Whether you are a private seller, a buyer, a banker or a corporate agent,
MIkDoss has you covered for all of the translation needs. To get a free quote for any
real estate translation service, or any related document translation, simply use the
top menu to upload your documents or files. The team of MikDoss works
professionally to deliver translations at exact and qualified standard. MikDoss is
surely a translation services provider with fully certified and legal services that
makes us the leading translation agency.
Importance of real estate translation services
Real estate holdings and rental properties require a lot of paperwork. So when you
have real estate positions in foreign countries, you are often required to translate
documents between different languages. It’s simple to reach out to different
communities with website translation and real estate marketing translation, which
are great ways to attract their business. It’s statistically proven that people are four
to five times more likely to purchase from a website, business or service offered in
their own language, even if they speak English.
MikDoss offers real estate translation services which includes:
➢ Real estate contracts
➢ Rental and lease agreements
➢ Litigation documents
➢ Realtor contracts
➢ Tenant real property disclosure agreements
➢ Mortgage agreements
➢ Building codes
➢ Deeds and leases
➢ Appraisals and valuations documents
➢ Brokerages and facilitation documents
➢ Property development documents
➢ Net leasing and agreements
➢ Architectural plans
➢ Real estate marketing and sales
➢ Investment and accounts documents
➢ Relocation services material
➢ Corporate real estate documents
➢ Residential real estate documents etc.
Professional translation services
✓ Absolute terminological precision
✓ Alignment with the relevant legal system
✓ Faithful translation of the original source
✓ Specialized in the legal sector
✓ Native speaking professionals
✓ Specialized in every translations
✓ Language combination
✓ Years of experience
✓ Vast network of specialized linguists
✓ Legal professionals
✓ Secure language services
✓ Qualified and experienced translators
✓ Proofread your translation on request
✓ Zero error precision and accuracy without fail
✓ Fastest translation services
✓ Project completion with quality assurance
✓ All translations are human powered
✓ 24 hours client support
MikDoss legal translation company
There are a lot of companies that boast about their translation services, but MikDoss
has succeeded in differentiating itself. Apart from the various solutions MikDoss
delivers a number of foreign language translations. MikDoss provide the highest
level of confidentiality in handling the sensitive content in your documents.
MikDoss is the notarized translation company and supply security on-site in order
to make sure that your confidential data is safe.
Contact us now, and avail the most professional certified translation services
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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