MikDoss professional language translation services in Dubai

MikDoss professional language translation services in Dubai
The portfolio of MikDoss legal and certified languages agency includes translations
in over 130 languages. We draw from a world-class team of experienced and talented
language professionals, including thousands of translators, industry-specific
engineers, top-notch project managers, IT, testing, and other specialists. MikDoss
legal translation company offers the best proficient and legal translation services
from and to different popular languages for business marketing whether they are
documentations, certifications, contracts or agreements and even for the personal
everyday documents. As MikDoss is officially certified and notarized by the country
it assures the perfection and accuracy of its work and services. MikDoss is glad to
be ranked among the leading venders of translation services across the globe.
MikDoss considers the demand of the clients and made it possible to nuance the
documents same as the originals. MikDoss is the best lingual solution for all types
of text and from and to any type of language that you demand.
MikDoss offers translations in diverse range of languages
➢ Russian translation
➢ Spanish translation
➢ French translation
➢ German translation
➢ Portuguese translation
➢ English translation
➢ Chinese Simplified translation
➢ Ukrainian translation
➢ Arabic translation
➢ Romanian translation
➢ Italian translation
➢ Vietnamese translation
➢ Farsi translation
➢ Czech translation
➢ Latin translation
➢ Dutch translation
➢ Hindi translation
➢ Polish translation
➢ Hebrew translation
➢ Tagalog translation
➢ Lithuanian translation
➢ Greek translation
➢ Armenian translation
➢ Albanian translation
➢ Bulgarian translation
➢ Norwegian translation
➢ Swedish translation
➢ Japanese translation
➢ Chinese Traditional translation
➢ Turkish translation
➢ Nepali translation
➢ Slovak translation
➢ Hungarian translation
➢ Indonesian translation
➢ Marathi translation
➢ Azerbaijani translation
➢ Philippine translation
➢ Portuguese translation
➢ Uzbek translation
➢ Turkmen translation
➢ Thai translation
➢ Belarusian translation
➢ Amharic translation
➢ Croatian translation
➢ Danish translation
➢ Moldavian translation
➢ Korean translation
➢ Georgian translation
➢ Gujarati translation
➢ Kannada translation
➢ Kazakh translation
➢ Latvian translation
➢ Afrikaans translation
➢ Finnish translation
➢ Catalan translation
➢ Bengali translation
➢ Bosnian translation
➢ Kyrgyz translation
➢ Punjabi translation
➢ Pashto translation
➢ Sanskrit translation
➢ Malayalam translation
➢ Malay translation
➢ Tamil translation
➢ Tagalog translation
➢ Urdu translation etc.
Our services include:
➢ Document Translation
➢ Website Translation
➢ Technical Translation
➢ Software Localization
➢ Video Transcription
➢ Business Translation
➢ Books Translation
➢ Medical Translation
➢ Legal Translation
➢ Finance Translation
➢ Travel Translation
➢ Aerospace and Automotive Translation
➢ Marketing and Ads Translation etc.
How MikDoss is ranked among top venders of Translation Company
✓ We have 50,000 business clients who trust MikDoss
✓ Superior quality of MikDoss translation services
✓ 130+ languages and pairs of languages for translations
✓ Quick turn over services by MikDoss
✓ MikDoss online services near you on just a tap
✓ Legal and certified translation services by MikDoss
✓ MikDoss offer translation services that suits every business need
✓ MikDoss offers competitive translation services
✓ Reliable translation services by MikDoss
✓ MikDoss provides affordable translation services
✓ 24 hours client consultation services
✓ We have a number of happy client around the globe.
MikDoss the language solution
MikDoss legal translation company works as the language solution towards different
language hurdle in different field of areas that makes a problem to have better
communication. MikDoss believe in breaking language barrier services that allows
to have communication and engagement among other nations regarding any type of
sector it might be for business contracts, agreements or personal documentations that
need to be translated in the foreign language as per demand by our clients. MikDoss
has been always a support to its clients to provide language solutions with highly
qualified and professional services.
Contact us now, to get professional services
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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