MikDoss multimedia translation services in Dubai

MikDoss multimedia translation services in Dubai
Today, the need for translations in the multimedia industry continues to grow at a
fast pace, which is proven by the constant multimedia translation requests we receive
from clients on a daily basis. Multimedia translation is utilized in various fields such
as cinema, television, theater, advertisement and audiovisual communication.
Multimedia translation is highly recommended before you address to wider area. It
makes your content adaptable with respect to the crowd, business operating at global
platform etc. To make your content available and understandable to wider audiences,
you need multimedia translation services. MikDoss offers fastest professional
multimedia translation services with certified multimedia translators for all types of
industries. These days, multimedia platforms or multimedia content has become a
great resource for reaching out to global customers. The professional and proficient
translators of MikDoss are able to deliver exact and accurate translation services
without compromising the quality and exactitude of the translation projects.
MikDoss is the only way out to get the best linguistic solutions.
Multimedia translations leads to:
• Break the linguistic barrier
• Convey the proper message in language of target audience
• To avoid cultural hindrances
• Sending right and correct message
• Removing uncultured material
• Reach wider audiences
Types of multimedia translations
➢ Handouts
➢ Power point
➢ Presentations
➢ Websites
➢ Reports
➢ Audio\visual presentation
➢ Online videos
➢ Analog media
➢ Digital media
➢ Movies etc.
Modes of translations by MikDoss
➢ Dubbing
➢ Subtitling
➢ Voice over
➢ Interpreting
➢ Subtitling
➢ Free commentary
➢ Partial dubbing
➢ Narration
➢ Simultaneous translation
➢ Live subtitling
➢ Audio description
➢ Transcription
➢ Lip-sync of videos, audios or movies etc.
Our services include:
✓ Certified multimedia translator
✓ Translation in more than 130 languages
✓ Can handle heavy work load
✓ Efficient translation
✓ Rapid turnaround time
✓ Encrypted and secured file sharing panel
✓ Experienced translators
✓ Qualified translation services
✓ Responds promptly
✓ Easily accessible for services
✓ 24\7 available
✓ Fastest translation services provider
✓ Offers mobile based services
✓ No engine based translation
✓ Professional and skilled translators
✓ Expertise to control the terms and conditions
✓ Delivers the services on time
✓ Pairs of language translation services
✓ Authoritatively validated by the country
✓ Urgent and standard translations at proficient level
About us
MikDoss legal translation company is the benefactor to deliver all sorts of
translations, interpreting and localization services to its clients at remarkable
standard. The expert linguists of MikDoss who are not only fluent in the languages
involved, but also have the skills to deliver the certified and authorized work that is
surely accepted by the legal and licensed agencies around the globe.
The dedicated linguists, editors, and developers of MikDoss work together to
localize your media and engage your multilingual audience. MikDoss understand
that every multimedia project is unique, so we build custom solutions, assembling
the best linguists, workflows, and services to ensure success.
Contact us now,
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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