MikDoss magazine translation services in Dubai

MikDoss magazine translation services in Dubai
As we know that magazines, catalogues or brochures are an excellent medium to
communicate your ideas and market your products. Magazine translation refers to
the process of translation of all articles in a magazine from the source language to
the target language. Accurate and culturally sensitive translation of the magazines
can lead to increase number of readers which in turn will lead to more client base.
MikDoss the legal and professional translation company offers you the best
magazine translation services by the expertise, native linguists and subject matter
experienced translators to assure the accuracy and exactitude of each and every term
translated. MikDoss never compromises on its quality whether the project’s deadline
is on urgent basis or usual basis. MikDoss is an experienced translation agency
working from years to deliver magazine translations for various industries in a
number of languages and language pairs.
Advantages of magazines translations by MikDoss
✓ Great tools to market your products
✓ Reach millions of readers from around the world, in their native languages
✓ Boost your revenue by establishing a global readership
MikDoss offers magazine translations for following industries:
➢ Fashion
➢ Automobile
➢ Children
➢ Comics
➢ Apparels
➢ Digital
➢ Technical
➢ Corporate
➢ Religious
MikDoss provides translation for a wide range of magazine types
➢ Technical magazines
➢ Economic magazines
➢ Politics and business magazines
➢ Sports magazines
➢ Fashion magazine
➢ Technology magazines
➢ Children’s magazines
➢ Tourism magazines
➢ NGOs publication
➢ Educational publications
➢ Government magazines
➢ Marketing and advertising magazines etc.
MikDoss delivers human based translations
MikDoss has the power of human translation. The human translators of MikDoss
work hard to retain your message in the target language. The cutting edge translation
of MikDoss assists by compiling a lexicon of your frequently used phrases, which
can be used for future projects. MikDoss offers translations by humans to make it
accurate and exact. Non- automatic translations make humans even better at
translations and most importantly, improves the overall quality of the content that
you require to translate. The translators of MikDoss are certificate holders in
particular subject areas.
Proficient services for translation
✓ Easy to contact for the services
✓ Responding promptly
✓ Always performs professionally
✓ Delivering the type of services on client’s demand
✓ Responsible for privacy and safety
✓ Expertise to control the terms and conditions
✓ Valid multilingual translations
✓ Translation at competent level
✓ Highly qualified legal translation
✓ Licensed translation services
✓ Pairs of languages translation services
✓ Deliver the services on time
✓ 24\7 clients service support
✓ Authoritatively validated by the country
✓ Nuances the documents same as the originals
✓ Support more than 130 languages
MikDoss Translation Company
MikDoss Translation Company offers all translations that are done by human, native
and expert translators with years of experience in relevant fields. All translations are
proofread before delivery. Our experts have complete control over the process and
product quality. MikDoss checks that which of our translators have the right skill set
for our client’s needs with each project. This approach ensures enhanced quality.
There are several further advantages that MikDoss can offer you. To find out more
about our services, contact us for a free quote! We are looking forward to your
inquiries and are happy to take care of your projects, no matter how big or small,
how complex or how specific. We are here to make every type of translation smooth
for you!
Contact us now,
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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