MikDoss Legal Translation Services Near Me

MikDoss Legal Translation Services Near Me
MikDoss Best Legal Translation Company is a certified provider of legal translation
services for all sorts of documents. We provide a broad range of language services
for legal documents all around the world, including English, Arabic, German,
Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. We only provide the highest
quality translations for different industrial and subjective papers to our clients.
Because of our expertise, dedication, industry-leading quality standards, and client
approach, we have gained the trust and confidence of many of the world’s most significant
corporations, associations, and organizations. MikDoss’ translators and team
members are highly skilled at delivering legal translation services for legal
documents on time and without delay. MikDoss recognizes the importance of legal
papers being appropriately translated by specialists to keep the document’s intended meaning.

We are efficient, swift, and certified to give the best legal
translation services wherever you need them at any time as our online services are
open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply contact us and we will provide you
with a quote within minutes.
Our goal is to provide professional legal translation services to our clients. MikDoss
is unquestionably listed among the leading providers of legal translation services
both within and beyond the state and has been honored with the confidence and
choice of clients from all over the world.
We provide translation services for a wide range of legal documents, including:
➢ Power of attorney
➢ Initial public offerings
➢ Personal documentations
➢ Official certifications
➢ Investment contracts
➢ Business formation documents
➢ Business operational documents
➢ Sworn statements
➢ Criminal court forms
➢ Legal settlements
➢ Confidentiality agreements
➢ Legal statements
➢ Litigation documentation
➢ Arbitration translation
➢ Legal notice formats
➢ Memorandum of association
➢ Memorandum of understanding
➢ Article of incorporation
➢ Business letters
➢ Business contracts and agreements
➢ Medical reports
➢ Employment letters
➢ Family documents\records
➢ Financial documents etc.
Contact us now.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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