MikDoss insurance documents translation services in Dubai

MikDoss insurance documents translation services in Dubai
MikDoss legal translation company provides the insurance document translation
services from and to different languages as per required by the clients. The experts
of MikDoss are able to translate insurance documents accurately through the use of
their own expertise and native specialized translators. MikDoss pair your project
with a professional native speaker in the target language with a goal of exceeding
your expectations. MikDoss also specializes in the translation of other document
types such as business plans, resumes, certificates, income statements, policy
documents, website copy, brochures, claims, emails and other insurance related
documentation etc. MikDoss ensures multi language cohesiveness for all your
insurance related documentation. MikDoss work with many of the world’s leading
insurance and reinsurance companies as well as their associate counsel, who
completely rely on its translations during major litigations and dispute resolutions.
Importance of insurance document translation
➢ Insurance companies aiming to strengthen their global position and business must
invest in translation in order to beat the competition and reach a wider clientele
➢ Insurance document translations are needed to make it understandable in the
language that is required.
MikDoss work with prominent insurance companies, our services include the
➢ Translation of investment policies and updates
➢ Quarterly highlights
➢ Management and annual reports
➢ Prospectuses, stock information, and dividend policy statements
➢ Documents pertaining to claims investigations
MikDoss covers several areas of insurance translation, including:
➢ Accident reports
➢ Recorded/ written statements
➢ Medical Bills, transcripts, diagnostics etc.
➢ Research of foreign texts
➢ Claim document
➢ Insurance policy
➢ Engineering report
➢ Annual report
➢ Insurance marketing
➢ Reinsurance treaty
➢ Pension plan
➢ Summary plan description
➢ Insurance regulation
➢ Warranty documents
➢ Compensation procedures
➢ Claims manuals
➢ User guides for insurance IT software
➢ Contracts and court documents
➢ Doctor reports
➢ Medical lab reports
➢ Police reports etc.
MikDoss can translate other documents, including:
➢ Birth certificates
➢ Marriage certificates
➢ Death certificates
➢ Divorce decrees
➢ Academic transcripts
➢ Vaccination records
➢ Legal contracts
➢ Bank statements
➢ Diplomas
➢ ID cards
➢ Driver’s licenses
➢ Criminal records
➢ Tax returns
➢ Adoption documents
➢ Background checks
➢ Asylum documents
➢ Financial statements
➢ Mortgage applications
➢ Medical records
➢ Affidavits
➢ College applications
➢ Passports
➢ Apostilles
➢ Depositions etc.
Which services do MikDoss provides?
✓ Team of translators consist of technical and creative professionals
✓ Certified and accredited native translators, typesetters, copy editors, proof
readers and project managers etc.
✓ Translators are chosen for their expertise in insurance domain, accreditation and
✓ Translators are subject matter expertise in other associated domains
✓ Project managers evaluate your project, provide quotations and close financials
and oversee the services to ensure the best results
✓ Services are a combination of personalized attention and a meticulous review
✓ Linguists insure that you receive accurate translations with zero errors
✓ The document translations are guaranteed against punctuation and grammatical
✓ Certified translations for acceptance by any court or government bodies
✓ Linguists are well trained in working with businesses to meet their objectives
✓ Makes sure that your content or document is translated in the most effective
manner and with the highest quality
✓ Specialized insurance translators for all common language pairings
✓ Available for 24 hours to provide client support services
✓ Offers reasonable and quick translation services
✓ Provides flawless document translations of any type of text
What makes MikDoss to be a unique translation services provider?

There are a lot of companies that boast about their translation services, but MikDoss
has succeeded in differentiating itself. Apart from the various solutions MikDoss
delivers a number of foreign languages translations. MikDoss provide the highest
level of confidentiality in handling the sensitive content in your documents.
MikDoss is the notarized translation company and supply security on-site in order
to make sure that your confidential data is safe.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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