MikDoss identity card translation services at your doorstep

MikDoss identity card translation services at your doorstep

MikDoss Legal Translation Company in Dubai offers the best identity card
translation services in different popular languages. The need of identity card is
important and the translation of Identity Card in different languages is necessary as
it is required for visa or passport application and for other official use. The
translation of identity card should be authentic and accurate and the content should
be same as the original, as the Identity Cards are one of the sensitive documents it
prerequisite safety and privacy that is proficiently maintained by MikDoss. The
translation of Identity Card are required for immigration purposes, for job
application, for visa application, for travelling and for other official identity
purposes. MikDoss offers the certified translation services for identity card in
different foreign languages that will be accepted by the government, private
organizations and immigration departments etc. The professional translators of
MikDoss provide the standard level of translation services and the team members of
MikDoss assures the quality and perfection of its work and services.

Online services by MikDoss

• Qualified translation services
• Responds promptly
• Easily accessible for services
• 24\7 available
• Fastest translation services provider
• Offers mobile based services
• No engine based translation
• Professional and skilled translators
• Expertise to control the terms and conditions
• Translate your documents from home
• Delivers the services on time
• Pairs of language translation services
• Authoritatively Validated by the country
• Urgent and standard translations at proficient level

Multilingual option for identity card translation

• Spanish ↔ English
• Arabic ↔ Spanish
• English ↔ Latvian
• Portuguese ↔ English
• Russian ↔ Spanish
• Turkish ↔ English
• Serbian ↔ Italian
• English ↔ Romanian
• Slovakian ↔ Chinese
• Korean ↔ English
• German ↔ Spanish
• French ↔ English
• Arabic ↔ Greek
• Finnish ↔ Arabic
• Dutch ↔ English
• Czech ↔ Portuguese
• Danish ↔ Arabic
• Bosnian ↔ English
• English ↔ Albanian
• English ↔ Latin
• Somali ↔ English
• Tajik ↔ Thai
• Polish ↔ Arabic
• Greek ↔ Russian
• English ↔ Mandarin etc

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