MikDoss French to English translation services in Dubai

MikDoss French to English translation services in Dubai
Why French to English translations are required?
As we all know the importance of English language and its international standard,
as this language is internationally spoken by many people around the globe and
considered as an official language in many areas which is used for documentations,
certifications, contracts and agreements, for legal and daily life etc. The translation
services from French to English language is required for various purposes in
different sectors for different purposes. .
Do MikDoss offers professional French to English translation services?
MikDoss is delivering French to English translation services at professional level by
the expert language translators who are capable to deliver the services at accurate
and qualified standard, our target is to reach maximum clients and to deliver them
the proficient legal and certified services from French to English language
translation. Our experienced and expert translators and team members never let
down the quality of their work and services and assures the perfection and
exactitude. MikDoss offers a comprehensive professional solution toward the legal
and officially notarized translation agency. As we considers the client’s demand we
have a number of satisfied business customers and other happy clients in more than
100 countries thus, MikDoss is highly ranked among the top translation agencies.
What type of documents are translated from French to English languages by
the expert translators of MikDoss?
1. Technical documents
• Troubleshooting booklets
• User Manuals
• User Guides
• Technical reports
• Technical disclaimers
• Instructional documents
• White papers
2. Contracts
• Business contracts
• Trading contracts
• Export and import contracts
3. Financial documents
• Tax forms & returns
• Insurance applications
• Bank statements
• Financial Reports & Summaries
4. Legal documents
• Court proceedings
• Petitions
• Financial agreements
• Memoranda and letters
• Immigration documents
5. Academic documents
• Report cards
• Event invitations
• Permissions slips
• School notices, and many more etc.
How MikDoss is the most preferred translation agency?
✓ Wide range of linguistic experts
✓ On-time deliveries
✓ Accuracy and confidentiality on priority
✓ Delivers the translated projects via email or directly at your doorstep
✓ Only human translators
✓ Responsive customer service
✓ Cost efficient translation services provider
✓ Skilled translators
✓ Friendly outsourcing policies
✓ Variety of language combinations
✓ Covers a wide range of languages for translations
✓ Authorized translation services
✓ Officially notarized agency
✓ All sorts of translations available
✓ 24 hours clients service access
✓ Consultation services
✓ Maintenance of secrecy
✓ Secure and controlled terms and conditions
✓ Native expert translators
✓ Quality assurance
✓ Quick turnaround time
✓ Certified agency
✓ Presence across globe
What is the vision of MikDoss?
The team members and the translators of MikDoss aim to offers translations at highqualified standard and delivers each completed project on time with fully satisfying
your requirements. MikDoss legal translation company specializes in fast language
translations to and from a wide variety of languages. MikDoss has more than a
number of professional and skilled translators available for the clients to provide
24\7 services. MikDoss delivers accurate translations done by native speakers in any
language required with making the bilingual, trilingual and pair of language
translations option available for the clients for any type of document.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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