MikDoss employee manual translation services in Dubai

MikDoss employee manual translation services in Dubai
➢ MikDoss offers employee manual translation services
➢ MikDoss guarantee human translators with certifications and expertise in various
➢ MikDoss provides accurate employee manual translations with considering your
demands, you all need employee manual translation services
➢ MikDoss has professional experts, who are able in building a strong
communication bridge between you and your employees
➢ MikDoss has been operating in the market for years, our trustworthiness is proven
by a long and successful history of our existence
➢ MikDoss is evaluated highly by its solid client base, our service has a strict
procedure of working with handbooks like this
➢ MikDoss promise its clients a professional and certified translation service
➢ Only the best expertise works with MikDoss who are certified and professionally
capable to deliver the accurate and exact employee manual translation services at
proficient standard
➢ MikDoss provide human translations only as it is vital for employee manuals and
even for other translations because it ensures smooth comprehension of
documents by the target audience
Employee manual translations
An employee manual dictates the policies and guidelines for the operation of a
company. It is also known as an employee handbook, staff handbook, or company
policy manual. It contains all the information related to a company’s mission, values,
policies, holidays, compensation, paid-time-off, and employer and employee
expectations. Therefore, it requires translation services in variety of languages as per
demanded. Your employee manual will be translated into the target language of your
choice, edited, and proofread by MikDoss. We keep your company message intact
and accurately convey your guidelines, legal policies, and expectations so that your
employees can understand them. For your peace of mind, MikDoss can provide you
with our certification letter to keep on file for your records.
Experienced translation services provider
MikDoss regularly translate employee manuals for various industries, including
restaurant, industrial, factory, retail, and many corporate business sectors.
Terminology and adaptation are key to getting your message across. In addition,
employee manuals contain your legal policies and guidelines which are perfectly
translated by MikDoss. All these are translated correctly to avoid risk. The
translations by MikDoss are completed by 100% human linguists through a process
in which your document is translated, edited, and proofread to achieve a flawless
translation. MikDoss keep all information secure and confidential.
Our efficient services
✓ Consultation services with expert managers
✓ Profitable combination of cost, timescale, and quality of services
✓ Solution of even the most non-standard tasks
✓ Strict confidentiality
✓ Secure file sharing panel
✓ 130 popular languages for translation
✓ 24 hour clients accessibility
✓ All types of translation under one roof
✓ Translations on clients demand
✓ Parlance of languages according to the location
✓ Experienced human based translations
✓ Expert translators in different subject areas
✓ Accuracy and quality assurance
✓ Translation agency with notarized label
MikDoss professional translation company
The professional translations of MikDoss are backed by a 100% quality
guarantee. Once your document reaches production, it goes through our 3 step
process resulting in a seamless translation delivered on time every time and ready to
use on your end. Let us know your deadline and we will do everything possible to
accommodate you.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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