MikDoss economic translation services in Dubai

MikDoss economic translation services in Dubai
MikDoss the professional translation agency has been providing economic
translations to happy customers from years with full accuracy and precision.
MikDoss provide pinpoint accuracy and a translation that meets your special
requirements quickly and reliably. The quality management of MikDoss is ISO
certified. In order to ensure the consistent quality of your translations, compliance
with the ISO requirements is monitored regularly via independent audits. MikDoss
also offer you encrypted data transfer which assures the secrecy, security and privacy
of your economic related personal data. MikDoss works with only highly qualified
specialist with sufficient experience who are capable to translate economic texts
well. The expertise of MikDoss interpret terminology and abbreviations which are
clearly linked to the context. MikDoss is the key solution for all types of economic
industry related document translations.
Types of economic document translations by MikDoss
➢ Document of incorporation translation services
➢ Contracts translation services
➢ Due diligence translation services
➢ Audit reports translation services
➢ Corporate communications translation services
➢ Floatation of companies translation services
➢ Bylaws translation services
➢ Financial statements translation services
➢ Legal reports translation services
➢ Bank documentation translation services
➢ Employment documentation translation services
➢ Actuarial sciences translation services
➢ Balance sheets translation services
➢ Market studies translation services
➢ Commercial proposals translation services
➢ Stock exchange reports translation services
➢ Company closures translation services and many more etc.
Why prefer MikDoss?
✓ Absolute terminological precision
✓ Alignment with the relevant legal system
✓ Faithful translation of the original source
✓ Specialized in the legal sector
✓ Native speaking professionals
✓ Specialized translations
✓ Language combination
✓ Years of experience
✓ Vast network of specialized linguists
✓ Legal professionals
✓ Secure language services
✓ Qualified and experienced translators
✓ Proofread your translation on request
✓ Zero error precision and accuracy without fail
✓ Fastest translation services
✓ Project completion with quality assurance
✓ All translations are human powered
✓ 24 hours client support
The trust and preference on MikDoss is the prime asset
MikDoss is thankful to its globe notch clients for having a trust and preferences on
its certified legal translation services. Therefore, MikDoss is justifiably raising its
rank among the top leading dealers of legal translation services providers within and
across the state.
Please let us know if you have questions or concerns; if you wish to proceed, please
contact us.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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