MikDoss document translation services in Dubai

MikDoss document translation services in Dubai
MikDoss the proficient provider of translation services delivers the professional
document translation services by its team that helps clients to have all sort of
document translations at accurate and professional level. MikDoss offer speed and
accuracy. Unlike everyone else, MikDoss also offer an in-depth understanding of
even complicated professional fields. The translators of MikDoss are more than your
average linguists from your average translation agency. They are lawyers, engineers,
scientists as well as being language experts. They have working experience of a
broad range of industries. From intricate documents for legal purposes to scientific
papers and technical writing etc. No matter how big the project is or how difficult
the language translation is, the expertise of MikDoss are here to provide the accurate
and exact translations. MikDoss is the only way to get the most reliable document
translations on time.
Types of documents that MikDoss translates
We are equipped to translate all kinds of documents from all kinds of industries,
➢ Marketing materials translations including brand guidelines and white papers
➢ Technical document translations for science, manufacturing and engineering
➢ Legal document translations that leave no loopholes for birth, death
certificates, identity cards etc.
➢ Scientific documents translations from research reports, to scientific papers
and marketing materials etc.
➢ E-learning materials translations such as instructional videos, presentations,
e-learning materials and courseware etc.
➢ Financial documents translations that includes financial intuitions, insurance
companies and investment managers etc.
Why prefer MikDoss?
1. Services
MikDoss keep the process simple, with workflows and systems that fit seamlessly
with your own. Saving time helps save cost
✓ Correct, fast, competitive multilingual translation services
✓ Project teams and workflows to match your business
✓ Expertise in multilingual translation services
✓ 24\7 customer services
2. Experience
MikDoss handle all the languages and have a vast network of translators around the
world. However, above and beyond, our translators are fully tried and tested. What
we also bring is in depth experience of a broad range of industry sectors and all kinds
of translation projects.
✓ Providing multilingual translation services with years of experience
✓ Work with global brands and niche businesses
✓ Extensive industrial knowledge and diverse project experience
3. Quality
MikDoss is certified company and its quality management and customer service
systems operate to the highest possible standards. We care passionately about your
success. Your goals are ours too, we want to help you achieve them. MikDoss
employ sector experts to ensure that your communication is as helpful and
persuasive overseas as it is at home.
✓ ISO certified multilingual translation agency
✓ Committed to continual improvement in quality standards
✓ Expert linguists with direct experience of your sector
4. Trust
MikDoss is trusted to maintain the integrity of global communications for some of
the world’s best-known brands. With our experienced translators and sector
expertise you can rely on the quality of our translation services.
✓ Relied upon by some of the world’s biggest brands
✓ Depended on for translation, localization and sector insight
✓ Complete client confidentiality assured
5. Versatility
MikDoss work with so many clients in so many different business sectors and
languages. We are very adept at handling the new, the innovative and unexpected
projects. MikDoss make sure your project has the linguistic, cultural and sector
expertise to suit.
✓ Translating for a wide variety of business sectors
✓ Always prepared for a new translation challenge
✓ Skills, experience and human translators that works for you
MikDoss legal translation company
There are a lot of companies that boast about their translation services, but MikDoss
has succeeded in differentiating itself. Apart from the various solutions MikDoss
delivers a number of foreign languages translations. MikDoss provide the highest
level of confidentiality in handling the sensitive content in your documents.
MikDoss is the notarized translation company and supply security on-site in order
to make sure that your confidential data is safe.
Contact us now and avail the best services,
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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