MikDoss construction translation services in Dubai

MikDoss construction translation services in Dubai
The construction industry needs highly accurate translations for its important
construction documents. Construction industry faces enormous challenges as
multilingual workforce, a fluctuating economy and a balancing act between
legislation and stakeholder requirements. MikDoss the language solution is serving
construction industry related content translation services. The experts of MikDoss
provide translation for the construction industry, delivering mediation between
government bodies, construction companies, and local communities,
communicating health and safety legislation and helping investors to state their
financial intentions clearly during tenders and public consultations. All the
translators of MikDoss are native professionals, with years’ of experience, also
specialized in different sectors in order to handle the diversity of your documents.
With MikDoss the construction translation services and your construction site will
operate with efficient communication, even if information has to be shared between
speakers with having different languages and dialects. The translators of MikDoss
have language skills and industry specific expertise to get your construction
translations done right.
Construction industry related content translations by MikDoss
➢ Engineering specifications
➢ Valuations
➢ Operation manuals
➢ Regulatory documents
➢ Patents
➢ HR manuals translations
➢ Legal contract translations
➢ Real estate investment reports
➢ Bid document translations
➢ Responses to RFPs
➢ Emergency response plans
➢ Safety training materials
➢ MSDS sheets translations
➢ Annual reports translations
➢ Architect planning
➢ Auto CAD drawings
➢ White papers translations
➢ Website translations
➢ Documentation translations
➢ Proposal translations
➢ Construction plans
➢ Technical drawings (CAD, CAM, MEP)
➢ Construction specifications
➢ National master specifications
➢ Health and safety courses
➢ BIM courses
➢ Bill of materials
➢ Construction proposals
➢ Supplier contracts
➢ Commercial agreements and protocols
➢ Legal documents and correspondence and many more.
Professional translators and team members of MikDoss
The language and terminology of the construction and materials industry demands
translators who are not only first-class linguists but who have specific understanding
of the sector. MikDoss go to great lengths to source translators from around the
world who are qualified to at least Master’s level and who understand your business.
The professionals of MikDoss are proficient at right industry jargon and nuances the
document translations same as the original ones. MikDoss have worked with some
of the world’s largest construction firms with serving the best ever beneficial
translation services.
Why prefer our services?
✓ Absolute terminological precision
✓ Alignment with the relevant legal system
✓ Faithful translation of the original source
✓ Specialized in the legal sector
✓ Native speaking professionals
✓ Specialized in labor court translations
✓ Language combination
✓ Years of experience
✓ Vast network of specialized linguists
✓ Legal professionals
✓ Secure language services
✓ Qualified and experienced translators
✓ Proofread your translation on request
✓ Zero error precision and accuracy without fail
✓ Fastest translation services
✓ Project completion with quality assurance
✓ All translations are human powered
✓ 24 hours client support
MikDoss the translation solution for construction documents
MikDoss aims to serve the language communication solutions from and to variety
of languages for different industry related materials. Using only native translators,
whose academic and professional qualifications embody the engineering,
architectural, legal, environmental, economic and business knowledge you need,
MikDoss is fully committed to help you build long-term business. MikDoss
understands the importance of translations from electricity and gas to plumbing and
roofing, therefore it is vital that all manuals, health and safety information,
legislative communication and planning shorthand retain their sense from language
to language. Thanks to the teams and translators of MikDoss, our clients are able to
communicate with the precise requirements of their architects and civil engineers.
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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