MikDoss commercial translation services in Dubai

MikDoss commercial translation services in Dubai
Every merchant and consumer may need the professional language support provided
by commercial translation agency such as MikDoss legal translation services
provider. The commercial context should be handled in a quite specific manner
during the course of its translation. To this end, MikDoss commercial translation
experts are selected among the most experienced language professionals. MikDoss
offers an urgent commercial translation option. In such a case, multiple expert
translators work on a project to deliver in a faster manner without compromising on
the quality, which results in an accurate commercial translation result.
Why is it so important to have quality commercial translation?
➢ Commercial translations reflect how a company is implanted and engaged in
the market
➢ Commercial translations shows that how an organization works in terms of
the relationship with the local business network
➢ Commercial translations enable a company to communicate with the target
➢ Commercial translation is essential when it enter new markets, establishing
relationships with institutions, organizations, partners, suppliers and clients
from other countries
➢ Commercial translations leads to have the opportunity to successfully expand
into other countries
The most common types of commercial translations that we offer:
➢ Pro forma invoice
➢ Commercial invoice
➢ Certified invoice
➢ Weight notes
➢ Packing list and specification
➢ Manufacturer’s analysis certificate
➢ Third party certificate of inspection etc.
Translators of MikDoss
The translators of MikDoss understand the requirement of accuracy needed for
commercial translation services. The translators of MikDoss guarantee clear
communication between you and your suppliers. Our specialized team of native
speakers work closely alongside you to ensure that we meet the exact requirements
and deadlines set, to assure you that your company’s image and brand is upheld all
over the world. Our expert translation team are approachable, friendly and extremely
knowledgeable in all sectors and industries. When we translate your content, we
dedicate our time to not only include specific jargon and terminology but also fully
understand your brand in order to truly connect with your audience as well as
highlight your professionalism in the area. We do our utmost to assist your company
through precise commercial translation of instructions, warnings, descriptions and
even claims etc. Whatever you need translating and whichever language you need it
translated into, at MikDoss we ensure that the final product is exceptionally at high
Customer support services
✓ High level of quality
✓ ISO certified
✓ Cost efficiency
✓ Guarantee provided
✓ Services in various languages
✓ Reliability
✓ Deliver all projects on time
✓ Human based translators
✓ Immediately process your urgent requests
✓ Provide quick and high-quality deliveries
✓ Dedicated translator teams
✓ Professional specialists
✓ Professional project management
About MikDoss
At MikDoss, we have plenty of experience with some of the biggest brands in the
world and ensure we use all of this to provide best ever translation services. We do
more than just translate word for word as we know how to produce a fluent
commercial translation that allows you to connect to your target market and
accurately portrays your brand’s identity and image. With the help of our fluent
multilingual translators, many of whom are native speakers, you can be assured that
your commercial translation is of the highest standard regardless of your chosen
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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