MikDoss Arabic translation services in Abu Dhabi

MikDoss Arabic translation services in Abu Dhabi
If you are looking for Arabic translation services, MikDoss Legal Translation
Company is the provider of professional and proficient translation services for
different types of official and personal documents. MikDoss has the network of
expert native certified linguists who are able to provide highest-quality of Arabic
translation solutions on time and on budget. MikDoss is the largest and well-known
legal translation services provider ensuring that all of your Arabic translation
projects will always meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.
MikDoss offers the best Arabic translation services for several documents like
agreement, certificates, contracts and documents that are the reason of increasing
communicational engagement with other countries and sectors requiring Arabic
Professional native Arabic translators of MikDoss
As we know that Arabic language also involve several dialects that are used across
numerous states so, MikDoss not only provides the Arabic translation services but
also parlance the language according to the location professionally. Different
documents require different Arabic dialect translations with knowing the target
audiences you wish to reach, these all factors are fully considered by MikDoss Legal
Translation Agency. MikDoss assign you a native Arabic translator with experience
in your sector and the Arabic variant that you need. To ensure the highest translation
quality, we offer the Arabic translator expertise with having
✓ Native Arabic translator
✓ Specialized degree in translation
✓ A professional who is fully up-to-date
✓ Extensive experience
✓ Specialized in different sectors etc.
MikDoss offers the translation of documents for the following categories
1. Legal:
MikDoss offers a range of legal and litigation services for different official
documents that include business communication letters, agreements, official
licenses, official certificates, business contracts, legal letters, patent applications,
wills and trusts and legal governmental papers etc. In addition to these translations
the legal services that are provided for legal purposes are Arabic document
management, Arabic court reporting, and Arabic transcription services etc.
2. Financial:
MikDoss provides financial documents translation services in Arabic language with
proficient standards. The financial documents that we translate include annual
reports, bankruptcies, bond and equity prospectuses, fact sheets, foreign registration
filings, fund reports, initial public offerings and monthly statements etc. As we know
that financial documents prerequisite accuracy assurance and quality of translation
that could provide exact information thus MikDoss offers the translation services for
these types of documents with assuring the exactitude of each and every
3. Life Sciences:
This type of documents require the Arabic translation services as there are many
sectors under this category that includes the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology,
medical devices, healthcare marketers and documents like research papers, health
research documents, clinical trial questionnaires, informed consents, package inserts
and labels, patient surveys, product datasheets and many more.
4. Manufacturing:
The category of manufacturing includes several documents and several other papers
that need to be translated in Arabic language with an exactitude. This category
include the documents like specifications, bill of materials, quality agreement and
other manufacturing and quality assurance documentation in respect of the
manufacture, storage, shipping, labelling, testing, supply and release etc.
5. Advertising and marketing:
MikDoss provides the Arabic translation services for advertising, marketing and PR
firms these categories includes the translations of social media, copywriting and
SEO, addressing key aspects of service provision including clients’ requirements,
intellectual property ownership, payment and all-important warranties, different
document that include voiceovers and subtitling, Arabic interpretation, brochures
and translation of other advertising materials.
6. Technology:
MikDoss is providing the technical Arabic translation services at professional level
which includes various documents that need to be translated with perfection like
memos, graphics, reports, newsletters, presentations, web pages, brochures,
proposals, instructions, reviews, catalogs, handbooks, business plans, policies and
procedures, instructions and style guides etc.
7. Government
MikDoss offers the governmental including federal, state and local documents
translation services in Arabic language. These include the court proceedings, legal
licenses and permits, personal legal documents, for immigration purposes like
passports, bill and other legal papers etc.
MikDoss Arabic language translation services include:
• Arabic translation services for e-commerce
Arabic translation services for architecture and construction industry
• Arabic translation services for e-learning
• Arabic translation services for websites
• Arabic translation services for tourism industry
• Arabic translation services for audiovisual content
• Arabic translation services for scientific community
• Arabic translation services for financial institutions
• Arabic translation services for certified documents
• Arabic translation services for advertising industry
Arabic translation services for legal and judicial sector
• Arabic translation services for literary
• Arabic translation services for medical sector
• Arabic translation services for fashion and beauty industry
• Arabic translation services for videogame and software localization
• Arabic translation services for documents
The services that are offered by MikDoss for Arabic languages are:
Arabic simultaneous interpretation
• Arabic linguistic validation
• Arabic consecutive interpretation
Arabic transcription
• Arabic typesetting and graphics
• Arabic voiceovers and subtitling
• Arabic multicultural marketing
Arabic document management
• Arabic deposition services
• Arabic e-learning support etc


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