MikDoss administrative translation services in Dubai

MikDoss administrative translation services in Dubai
In the present days, numbers of multinational companies use administrative
translating solutions to connect with clients, customers and employees into the
worldwide community. Overcoming language differences is highly important in
today’s worldwide economy and translation is the only way to keep business going
smoothly. As we are well known that administrative translation refers to the
translation of administrative texts used by businesses, corporations, government
bodies, ministries, municipalities, and other organizations during the process of their
daily administration and management processes. MikDoss offers administrative
translations to namely multinational corporations who frequently use administrative
translation services in order to connect their employees and clients together into a
global community. MikDoss works to bridge language gaps and our administrative
translation services are an easy way to ensure clear channels of communication up
and down the corporate ladder. MikDoss is here to assist you and keep the gears of
your business turning smoothly in a multi-lingual way.
Benefits of administrative translation services by MikDoss
✓ Penetrate new market
✓ Reach target audience
✓ Create reputation
✓ Better ROI
Types of administrative translations offered by MikDoss
➢ Contracts
➢ Certifications or payment notifications
➢ Memorandums
➢ Collection letters
➢ Orders
➢ Internal and external communication
➢ Operating procedures
➢ Organizational policies
➢ Reports
➢ Project notes
➢ Memos and minutes of meetings
➢ Customer service cases
➢ Market research
➢ Tenders
➢ Presentations
➢ Newsletters
➢ Press releases
➢ Market research
➢ Invoice terms and conditions
➢ Brochures
➢ General letters
➢ Sales administration
➢ Product development plans
➢ Guidelines
➢ Articles of association
➢ Advertising material
➢ Management reports
➢ Email forwarding
➢ Financial reports
➢ HR reporting
➢ Mass mailing
➢ Project reports
➢ Company policies
➢ Client database
➢ Company standards and expectations
➢ Employment advertisement
➢ Internal communication
➢ Job postings
➢ External communication
➢ Strategic plans
➢ Call center scripts
➢ Business letters and many more.
We offer following services
Quality assurance
✓ We have been in the area long enough to specify the quality of the service.
✓ We assure the quality of the conversion and helps you in getting the best type of
the clients service facilities
Responsive customer support
✓ Our consultants and services are available for 24 hours to receive your queries
✓ Our professional team members are attentive to satisfy the clients need
Professional Enthusiasts
✓ We have experts that are skilled in multilingual and pairs of language translation
✓ We have the translators who are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure to the
point conversion of content
Quick and Accurate Translation
✓ We assure the swift and hassle-free delivery of translation services
✓ Our trusted and expert native lingual translators assures the perfection of
Online mobile based service
✓ We provide you online based services by delivering via email or directly at your
Secure and Confidential
✓ We maintain the privacy and secrecy of your legal documents and we provide
fully secured file sharing panel
Most competitive rates
✓ We provide the translation services at affordable prices
Appreciated quality standard worldwide
✓ Ours translation services are preferred and trusted by the globe notch clients
TEP services
✓ We provide translation, editing and proofreading processes to ensure the quality
MikDoss legal translation company
MikDoss endeavor to deliver the most accurate form of translations within specified
deadlines. The immense experience of MikDoss in the domain helped us to flourish
in the international market with utmost ease and convenience. The business ethics
and professionalism of MikDoss helps us in fostering prompt and authentic
translation services at very competitive rates with high proficiency.
Contact us now, to get the best administrative translation services
Our offices in Contact Us
UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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