Legal Translation Services in UAE by MikDoss Best Legal Translation

Legal Translation Services in UAE by MikDoss Best Legal Translation
MikDoss Best Legal Translation Agency provides legal document translation in
more than 130 languages. Our native translators have extensive legal experience.
We can assist with the translation of legal papers, contracts, agreements, and legal
reports, as well as provide native interpreters for court and other legal proceedings.
Each legal sector and profession is catered to by our legal translation services. We
deal with highly competent translators who are familiar with the legal field. Even
the most demanding legal translations can be handled by our translators. We can
work with you to offer flawless legal document translations whether you are a legal
company, attorney, legal professional, corporation, or individual client. We
collaborate with native translators to guarantee that legal language is understood and
translated correctly. Our legal translators are knowledgeable of the original purpose
and meaning of any legal papers. This guarantees that terms are translated into the
right languages, as well as the purpose and context.
We provide legal translation services for a wide range of documents, including:
➢ Power of attorney
➢ Initial public offerings
➢ Personal documentations
➢ Official certifications
➢ Investment contracts
➢ Business formation documents
➢ Business operational documents
➢ Sworn statements
➢ Criminal court forms
➢ Legal settlements
➢ Confidentiality agreements
➢ Legal statements
➢ Litigation documentation
➢ Arbitration translation
➢ Legal notice formats
➢ Memorandum of association
➢ Memorandum of understanding
➢ Article of incorporation
➢ Business letters
➢ Business contracts and agreements
➢ Medical reports
➢ Employment letters
➢ Family documents\records
➢ Financial documents etc.
Our skilled translators have extensive experience translating legal papers into
English, Arabic, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, German, Albanian, French, Czech,
Chinese, Russian, Romanian, and other languages.
We work around the clock to provide urgent and timely translation services.
Contact us now.
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UAE \ UK \ USA Email:
Phone: +971 52 277 7695

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