Kurdish Legal Translation Al Ain

Kurdish Legal Translation Al Ain

Kurdish is one of the most significant languages fully translated by MikDoss Best Legal Translation Services. Our competent Kurdish translators are happy to accept any kind of text in Al Ain, Al Ain and all areas of the UAE for standard Kurdish translations. Our native Al Ain Kurdish translators have several years of experience in the translation of all types of text. These include corporate records, legal papers, medical reports, financial statements, certificates, diplomas, technical manuals and any other kind of information. If you are urgently needing Kurdish translation services for immigration, trials, personal or commercial usage in Al Ain, no worries! MikDoss Best Legal Translation services are available 24/7 to assist with any translation need you may have.

In Al Ain, we offer top-quality and seamless Kurdish translation to the individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and business sectors. Before assigning any work related to Kurdish translation, it was checked by the experts and then assigned to the native Kurdish translator according to his / her skill areas. A senior proofreader goes through the Kurdish translation to be sure of the accuracy of the translation before we send the paper back to the customer. We are honestly claiming to provide translation of Kurdish and other languages “ready to print.” You can contact us in both Kurnai and Sorani dialects for Kurdish translation services at UAE.

Kurdish Legal Translation Al Ain

Moreover, We translate all major languages including Kurdish, Arabic, and Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish and 120 plus other languages. At MikDoss Best Legal Translation Services, we offer Dari language translation with any other language but in general, pairs are as below.

Kurdish to English translation

Kurdish to Arabic translation

English to Kurdish translation

Arabic to Kurdish translation

Kurdish translation

Interesting facts of Kurdish language

Kurdish is one of the two official languages of the Iraq. Kurdish is categorized as a Northwestern Iranian language in general. It relates to the Indo-European language family. Kurdish language is classified in two main dialects, Kurmanji and Sorani. Most of the Kurd use Roman script of Kurmanji whereas Sorani is written in Arabic script. These two dialects differ from each other’s as much as German and English. It is much appropriate to call them the languages. Other than Iraq and Kurdistan regions, it is spoken in some areas of Armenia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan.


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