Financial Translation

MikDoss Legal Translation provides accurate financial document translation service tailored for banking, financial institutions and the corporate. Our financial clients are assigned a project manager to ensure a smooth transition between all phases of the translation process. For financial reports:

  • We provide you with translators with a financial background.
  • On completion of translation, we assign the job to an eagle-eyed proofreader to ensure the accuracy of the figures.
  • Before delivery, we assign the job to a desktop publisher to ensure that format is a mirror image of the original, or as required by the client.

For a prospectus or financial brochure, we recommend an extra stage of independent revision to ensure not only full accuracy but also to ensure the right style that can bring the desired results behind the prospectus in question. At Agato, we have served mega stock markets, such as Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul), and mega international financial corporations.
To eliminate any chance of human errors in numbers, we recommend that the client provides us with:

  • A soft copy of the original document
  • Spellings of any proper names in the target language
  • The equivalent terminology of any company names in the target language

MikDoss Legal Translation keeps a copy of the above in memory. Once the same data is used again in the future, the client does not need to worry about checking the same translation again.


We are Dubai’s most trusted translators for translation of complex and large financial materials. This is demonstrated by our strong expertise with the multinational audit communities and corporations. We have the vital assets: Highly skilled financial and legal translators, as well as a proven, three-step quality assurance process.
Finance and audit department executives from Dubai’s leading public and private corporations know that Abu Ghazala’s expert translators work quickly to deliver all documents, reports, and statements with unparalleled quality and accuracy.
Due to the urgent, yet sensitive, nature of so many financial documents, MikDoss Legal Translation can accommodate any request for URGENT translation delivery. If you need your documents next day for AGM meeting, you can trust your translation partner to meet your expectation.


  • Audit Statements
  • Annual Reports and Financial Statements
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Statements of Change in Equity
  • Government Financial Statements
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Tax and Accounting Documents
  • Prospectus
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