Dubai Eases Lockdown

Dubai Eases Lockdown

Dubai Eases Lockdown. They are Prepares to ease the lockdown restrictions to jump start the economy.

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They are planning to relax strict lockdown measures, including reopening shopping malls and allowing for small gatherings. As the commercial hub of the Gulf tries to protect its outward-looking economy against the coronavirus repercussions.

The Economic Department of the Emirates

The Economic Department of the Emirates has outlined protocols — including instructions to operate 30 per cent capacity shopping malls. And, offices — that aim to restrict the spread of Covid-19 while enabling the retail and commercial sectors. To emerge from the 24-hour curfew that has brought the city to a near standstill.

Moreover, They are spent a month under a highly restrictive lockdown. Therefore, Residents have been allowed to leave their homes for foodstuffs or emergencies only once every three days for three weeks, and only if they have received permission from police.

Dubai’s Economy

Dubai’s economy is especially vulnerable to the economic consequences of the global pandemic, with a emphasis on trade, tourism and retail. Dubai airport, the busiest international air traffic center in the world, has been closed to passenger flights for a month.

According to STR, a hospitality data provider, occupancy at Dubai hotels in March, part of its peak season, decreased by 55 per cent.

Preparations to ease restrictions in Dubai came as the emirate prepared to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan from tomorrow, after days of consultations with retailers, when families and friends frequently meet every night to break the day’s fast. Under the new rules, citizens would be allowed “for needs only” to leave home, but they would require family and “very close friends” to meet in privately.

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