MikDoss translation services at your doorstep

MikDoss translation services at your doorstep

MikDoss Legal Translation Company is the provider of best professional translation services in Dubai from and to different languages for different purposes. As MikDoss always understand and considers the current affairs, thus MikDoss is nowoffering the doorstep legal translation services in Dubai due to the global pandemic condition of COVID-19. The team and expertise of MikDoss has recently turn-out
the world’s first purpose to create the mobile based offices for immediate legal translation services to definitely satisfy the costumer translation requirements with considering the current global outbreak because the health and safety of humanity is our first priority. Our legal and proficient translators will visit your location in one of our state-of-the-art portable offices that will make easy access. MikDoss offering instant translation services to the clients at the doorstep.

Advantages of doorstep services
✓ Easily accessible
✓ Translate your documents from home
✓ Providing you translation services at your doorstep
✓ Urgent and standard translations at proficient level
✓ Offering mobile based services

Complete range of services for clients

• Easy to contact for the services
• Responding promptly
• Always performs professionally
• Delivering the type of services on client’s demand
• Being proactive in looking after their interests
• Responsible for privacy and safety
• Expertise to control the terms and conditions
• Valid multilingual translations

• Translation at competent level
• Highly qualified Legal translation
• Licensed translation services
• Multilingual translations

• Pairs of languages translation services
• Deliver the services on time.
• Fast response to clients
• Authoritatively Validated by the country
• Nuances the documents same as the originals

Different languages for translations
The various lingos from and to other languages for translations are completely
considered according to the dialect of different locations and giving the best on the demand of the clients.

➢ Arabic, Portuguese, English, Romanian, Spanish, French, Bosnian, Albanian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Amharic etc.

Types of Translation Services
MikDoss Legal Translation of affidavits
• MikDoss Legal Translation of agreements
• MikDoss Legal Translation of certification
• MikDoss Legal Translation of documents
• MikDoss Legal Translation of registration documents
• MikDoss Legal Translation of contracts
• MikDoss Legal Translation of public tenders
• MikDoss Legal Translation of medical reports
• MikDoss Legal Translation of arbitration documents and other legal documents


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