Certified Translation in Sharjah

Certified Translation in Sharjah

Certified Translation in Sharjah. Translation needs are everyday life requirements for the residents of Sharjah. Translation of almost every document is a must in a city with people from more than 100 countries living together. Any documents being submitted to any government entity must be translated to Arabic. The translation cannot just be translated by yourself, it has to be translated by a Certified Translation company registered by the Ministry of Justice.

Where to Translate in Sharjah

There are many companies offering translation services in Sharjah however each company does it differently. In this article I will list the best Certified translation company of Sharjah. MikDoss Best Certified Translation has been providing Certified translations of over 130 languages In Sharjah for more than 10 years. MikDoss Best Certified Translation has offered translations approved and certified by the Ministry of Justice in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Certified translations are offered in almost all the languages.

How to Translate in Sharjah?

There are a lot of ways to get your documents translated however the best way is offered by MikDoss Best Certified Translation. The customers can send their documents to the company via email, WhatsApp and or arrange collection from the office/home address. Once translated, the documents are sent via email, WhatsApp and or are delivered to any address. With 17 offices in Sharjah and 24/7 availability, MikDoss Best Certified Translation team is always open and nearby.

Embassy Certified Translation Sharjah

There are 150+ embassies and consulates in Sharjah and each one of them only accept documents in their local language. People applying for visa to these countries from Sharjah must translate their documents from Arabic or English to the Embassy language. For example if you are willing to travel to France, you must Certifiedly translate from Arabic/English to French. In other words,There are very few companies that are listed as an approved Certified translators for the Embassies and MikDoss Best Certified Translation is one of them.

Documents required for Certified Translation in Sharjah

Documents needed to be translated Certifiedly in Sharjah are usually for official use. For example the Police, Courts, Banks, Schools, Universities, and Hospitals etc. Moreover, Educational documents are required to be translated for the purpose of admissions in Universities, Schools and for jobs and or immigration purposes. Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates translations in Sharjah are usually for the Visa purposes or Immigration purposes.


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