MikDoss has over 80 highly dedicated Account and project management staff available 24/7, and over network of 380 employees and 5000 linguists around the globe.


MikDoss with a mission to help the world’s businesses navigate the global marketplace. With decades of hands-on experience, MikDoss consultative approach and rigorous quality have made it the industry leader.


At MikDoss we have demonstrated our commitment to providing the highest quality language solutions, to achieving client satisfaction, and most important, to working to continually improve our processes and operations to exceed our clients’ expectations


We know we’re a little biased, but we think our team members are the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. Their talent and dedication drives our success, and when they put their minds to it, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

We’re MikDoss Legal Translation Services. Barrier-breakers. Linguistic experts and cultural translators. We build deep relationships with the biggest brands in the world, so they can build deeper relationships with their customers. We’re fluent in 350+ languages, and we work from more than 5,000 cities as we combine human empathy and machine intelligence. We’ve been doing it for 20+ years, and we’re just warming up. Through our world-class platform, we orchestrate a network of 500,000 passionate experts around the world, who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. While our roots began in translation, our work today encompasses the realms of linguistics, AI, and data quality. Our experts dig deep to convey the most with every word and extract the most from every data point. Powered by people and augmented by cutting-edge technology, we deliver resonance with speed, scale, and precision.


Diverse, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities Culture of growth and profitability Relationships with leading organizations around the world


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The future is global. But we knew that 20 years ago.

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