(5) MikDoss legal translation services in Dubai

(5) MikDoss legal translation services in Dubai
What is legal translation?
Legal translation is the field of translation that transforms legal documents and
material from one language to another, respecting the original meaning.
What is the purpose of legal translation?
The purpose of legal translation is to create a text that will be interpreted in the same
way by legal professionals in the target legal system, as it would be in the original
legal system. The aim of translation is not to erase linguistic and cultural differences,
but to accommodate them, fully and unapologetically.
Is MikDoss a provider of legal translation services?
MikDoss legal translation company is a provider of legal translation services for
certifications, contracts, documentation and many more in a number of languages
that require the legal handling with high demands of privacy and security terms and
conditions, MikDoss is here to offer and maintain the secrecy of legal documents
and to assure the accuracy and perfection of its work and services. The legal
documents prerequisite the exactitude of each every term that is to be translated in
the particular language as per demanded by our globe notch clients thus, our
professional and experienced translators and team members provide their best
qualified services and never compromises on the quality of translation, this makes
our client to have confidence and trust on our legal services. Therefore, MikDoss is
ranked among the top translation service provider within and across the state.
MikDoss has performed proficient legal translation services for thousands of law
firms, attorneys and courts worldwide.
What type of legal texts are translated by MikDoss?
➢ Business letters
➢ Business contracts and agreements
➢ Affidavits
➢ Tenders
➢ Medical reports
➢ Employment letters
➢ Family documents\records
➢ Financial documents
➢ Personal documentations
➢ Official certifications
➢ Real estate amendments
➢ Will and estate planning forms
➢ Registration documents
➢ Immigration documents
➢ Investment contracts
➢ Partnership agreements
➢ Business formation documents
➢ Business operational documents
➢ Employment contracts
➢ Health records and forms
➢ Personal property
➢ Personal certifications
➢ Sworn statements
➢ Dishonor of cheque
➢ Criminal court forms
➢ Application for child custody
➢ Arbitration agreements
➢ Legal settlements
➢ Legal bonds
➢ Civil court forms
➢ Transcripts from court and witness
➢ Confidentiality agreements
➢ Formal complaints
➢ Legal statements
➢ Legal disclaimers
➢ Licenses
➢ Wills and trusts
➢ Litigation documentation
➢ Arbitration translation
➢ Depositions
➢ Policies
➢ Legal notice formats etc.
Which services do MikDoss offers?
✓ Valid translation service
✓ Native human based translations
✓ Experienced translators in particular languages
✓ Multilingual translation services
✓ Legal and certified translation company
✓ Nuances the documents same as originals
✓ Ensures the exactness of translations
✓ Maintains the privacy and secrecy of legal documents
✓ Quick turnaround translation services
✓ Reliable translation services
✓ Translation services at affordable price
✓ Translation services at your doorstep
✓ All sorts of translation service provider
✓ Translations at competent level
✓ Notarized translation agency
✓ Fast response to clients
✓ Authoritatively validated by the country
✓ Expertise to control the terms and conditions
✓ Professional and skilled translators
✓ Considers the parlance of language with respect to the locality.
Is MikDoss a legal translation agency?
Legal translation is no doubt one of the most challenging tasks for even experienced
translators due to its diverse and unique terminology, concepts, and legal systems
across countries. Therefore, MikDoss using professional legal translation services
for your documents is highly recommended. MikDoss has years of experience with
legal specialization that bring out the best-in-class legal translations at a competitive
rate. MikDoss is the officially notarized translation agency and a solution for your
language barriers.
Contact us now,
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UAE \ UK \ USA Email: sales@mikdoss.co
Phone: +971 52 277 7695


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